Is Beyonce single?


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No Beyonce is not single. Beyonce is married to Jay-z.

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Beyonce was twenty two when she released her first single Crazy in Love.

Beyonce is married to recording artist/producer Jay-Z.

Beyonce sings single ladies

single ladies diva and if i were a boy...beyonce does not sing these songs

"The Dream" wrote Single Ladies

If someone were looking for the new single by Beyonce Knowels, they could either go on iTunes, and look at the top 40 artists, because Beyonce is famous and her single would be there. Or you could go to her website and look.

They were formed when Beyonce was 15, this was when their first single was released.

He co-wrote Single Ladies (put a ring on it) for Beyonce

The singer for Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) is . . . . . Beyonce!

are the dancers on single ladies men

The DreamBeyonce, Thaddis Harell, Christopher Stewart and Terius Nash.

The popular singer Beyonce Knowles released the hit single 'Baby Boy' in 2003. It features Jamacian singer Sean Paul. It is the second single from that album.

Beyonce was 16 when she became well known as that is when Destiny's Child had their first charting single, "No No No."

single ladys and sweet dreams

The song Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) is a song composed and sung by Beyonce Knowles. Information about this song can be found on Beyonce's website.

the two songs beyonce sings recently in 2009 are if i were a boy and single ladies!!!

yes there is a man in the song single ladies my beyonce Knowles on the left

beyonce No it was Katy perry dumbo

Yes in her single ladies video

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