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Is Bigfoot a real animal or a primate?

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There are more and more studies being done on Bigfoot (also called: Yeti). There have been sightings, but no proof that it isn't someone playing a prank. I do believe there is such a beast of nature because there are so many things in this world we haven't even uncovered yet and strange things in nature. For now they think that Bigfoot is part primate and human, but don't know for sure as they have not had one in captivity to research this. Some scientists think Bigfoot (or Yeti) doesn't eat meat, but are vegetarians and eat berries, etc. Some people have sworn they have come across Bigfoot (who is to say they are lying) and there is often a terrible odor long before you actually see Bigfoot. The actions of Bigfoot (so it's been written in some articles) are being shy and evasive, but, if someone chases after them or corners them they will fight back. This theory also has never been proven. There is no such thing as bigfoot. It could be a very tall man in a ape-man suit. Only God knows the answer.
wipikedia has a good article on evidence of bigfoot.
2009-12-02 10:28:38
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Is the animal Bigfoot real?

course he is

Is Big Foot real or not?

bigfoot is not real animal but the peaple they think is a real animal

Is bigfoot just a myth?

No. DNA evidence proves there is a bipedel animal (primate) that is a species as of yet unkown.

What is the complete subject Some tall tales that you like include Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is not a tall tale but a real, as of yet, undocumented species of bipedel primate genetically similar to humans and chimps.

Does bigfoot really exist?

Yes!!! And if you don't beleive me then watch Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet! He is real no matter what people say! And plus people have found real videos on YouTube! HE'S REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and bigfoot is gay hahaha...he is not real

What family is bigfoot in?

If he exists, he is a primate, similar to gorillas or humans.

What type of animal is big foot?

Bigfoot is not real. He is just a myth.

Who was captured by Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is not real!

Is a yeti real give you proof?

I do not be live in bigfoot because there is no real broth of a bigfoot. I need to see a real bigfoot to be live in it. So that is why I do not be live in bigfoot at all.

Does bigfoot have a mom?

If bigfoot is real which is conseversial then he must have a mom. Just as we are born with moms any other animal or thing must have a mom or maker

Why do some people believe bigfoot is real?

Bigfoot is 100percent real

What are the six different species of bigfoot?

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Skunk Ape are thought to be local variations of the same species of large bipedel primate.

Is bigfoot real or is he fake?

if you belive in him than yes if you think he his not but really he is fake.

Are bigfoot sightings real or hoax?

Bigfoot is hoax.

Is Bigfoot and yeti are real?

Yes, they are real, there have been reported citings of bigfoot and yeti

Do you watch finding bigfoot on Animal Planet and do you believe in Bigfoot?


Is the Patterson photo real of bigfoot?

no bigfoot is not really

Is bigfoot a mean animal?


Is Bigfoot not real?

well if you have a life then bigfoot is not real but if you don't have a life then of course he's real that give you hope.. right?

Is a goat a Primate?

no it a farm animal

How do you say primate in spanish?

(churchman) primado (animal) cuadrumanos, primate (pronounced preeMAHtay)

Are lost tapes TV show real?

Yes lost tapes are real on animal planet, they show real events that happend long ago, Like yeti and bigfoot are real.

Bigfoot and yeti ect are real?

they are real

Can bigfoot fly?

No bigfoot cant fly as there is no proof he is even real !

Where does bigfoot lives?

if bigfoot WAS real it would live in deep forests