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There are more and more studies being done on Bigfoot (also called: Yeti). There have been sightings, but no proof that it isn't someone playing a prank. I do believe there is such a beast of nature because there are so many things in this world we haven't even uncovered yet and strange things in nature. For now they think that Bigfoot is part primate and human, but don't know for sure as they have not had one in captivity to research this. Some scientists think Bigfoot (or Yeti) doesn't eat meat, but are vegetarians and eat berries, etc. Some people have sworn they have come across Bigfoot (who is to say they are lying) and there is often a terrible odor long before you actually see Bigfoot. The actions of Bigfoot (so it's been written in some articles) are being shy and evasive, but, if someone chases after them or corners them they will fight back. This theory also has never been proven. There is no such thing as bigfoot. It could be a very tall man in a ape-man suit. Only God knows the answer.
wipikedia has a good article on evidence of bigfoot.
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Q: Is Bigfoot a real animal or a primate?
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