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Q: Is Black comprised of every color in the spectrum?
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How is white and black different and say it with detail?

White objects reflects visual "light" where as black objects absorb it. black the color is every color so it absorbs all the light(every color in the spectrum), and white is the lack of color so it reflects all the light(every color in the spectrum) that's why you get warmer when you wear black in the sun because it absorbs the sun and white reflects it.

What is the color that only insects can see?

The color is a mix of all colors, including black, white, every color in the spectrum. it is the color of light. "white light" is a lie.

Is white every color or is black?

White is every color, whereas black is the absence of color.

Why does black ink look black?

because it absorbs every colour of the spectrum

What are the color content of the color white?

The color "white" is the perception of white Light with no hue or grayness. White light is comprised of every color of the spectrum present in equal parts and is visible only in diffused surfaces, because such surfaces cast light evenly over the surrounding hemisphere like clouds and milk.

How does a dark colour atrackt heat?

Different colored materials absorb everything but their own color of visible light from the spectrum. Since black is actually just every color from the color spectrum combined, black absorbs more light, so it absorbs more heat from the sun. White is actually defined as a lack of color, so it will absorb the least amount of heat, assuming that the material is identical.

What color do you get mixing every type of color?


What is every color together?


Are zombies colorblind?

no they can see every color we can see and more than we can see. pretty much every color of the spectrum. unless they were colorblind while they were living, of course.

Is a color every color?

The color that is every color is black, which uses every color to absorb heat. The opposite is white, and it isn't a color at all, so it reflects heat.

What color does it make when you mix every color in the world?


What are colors of the visible lights spectrum from longets to shortest wavelength?

The longest wavelength that's visible to your individual eyes is that of the last color you can see on the red end of the spectrum. The shortest wavelength that's visible to your individual eyes is that of the last color you can see on the blue end of the spectrum. Between those lie every color you can name, every color you have ever seen, every color that any paint manufacturer can mix, and every color that any fabric designer can dye or weave. There are an infinite number of them, it's not possible to list them, and the vast majority of them don't even have names.