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Bolivia sent 7 athletes to the 2004 Games in Athens to compete in Athletics, Gymnastics, Judo, Shooting, and Swimming. They did not win a medal.

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Q: Is Bolivia participating in the Athens Olympics for 2004?
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What are the names of the new participating countries for the Athens 2004 Olympics?

The games in Athens will have three more NOC's competing than Sydney: Afghanistan, Kiribati, and Timor-Leste

How many Indians Indian's are participating in 2004 Olympics?

A team of 73 athletes represented India at the 2004 Athens Olympics. To contrast, this year a team of 56 athletes is representing India at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I hope that answers your question.

In what year was the Olympics held in Athens?

2004 was the year the Olympics were held in Athens.

Where was the 2004 summer Olympics held?

The 2004 Summer Olympics were held in Athens, but unlike the first answer, the first Olympics were held in Olympia not in Athens.

Is Botswana competing in the 2004 Olympics?

Yes. See this list of countries participating in the 2004 Olympics.

Where was the 2004 Olympics?

Athens, Greece

Where was the summer Olympics of 2004 held?

In 2004, the Summer Olympics were held in Athens, Greece.

How many countries participated in the 2004 Olympics in Athens Greece?

2004 marked the year of the most participants of the modern Olympics. How many countries participated in the 2004 Olympics in Athens Greece? the answer is 201

When did Athens held the Olympics?

1896 Summer Olympics and 2004 summer Olympics.

How many medals did the United States win in the 2004 Olympics in Athens?

How many Medals did the united states win in the 2004 Olympics in Athens?

Who hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics?

Athens, Greece.Athens, Greece.

In 2004 which country held the Olympics?

In 2004 Olympics held in Athens,Greece from 13to29 august

When were the last Olympics held and where?

The last Olympics were held in Athens, 2004.

Where was the 2004 Olympics held?

Athens, Greece.

Who hosted the 2004 Olympics?

Athens, Greece.

Were there Olympics in 2004?

Yes, it was in Athens, Greece.

City of 2004 summer Olympics?


Where will the 2004 Olympics be held?

In Athens, Greece.

What year were the olympics in greece?

2004 athens

Where was the summer Olympics in 2004?

Athens, Greece.

City of 2004 Olympics?

Athens, Greece

What year was the last Athens Olympics?

In 2004.

What country won the gold medal at Olympics in Athens 2004?

do you mean who one the most medals in the Olympics 2004? if u do then i think it was Athens/Greece

How many men and women competed in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games?

In the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics, 6296 men and 4329 women competed, for a total of 10625 participating athletes from 201 countries.

How long have the swindell sisters been participating in rowing in the Olympics?

They have participated in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics