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no he do not still like ciara I heard that him and Angela rev.runs daughter are now dating.

They broke up
no ciara isn't pregnant by bow wow

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Q: Is Bow Wow still in a relationship with Ciara?
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Was Bow Wow in a relationship with Ciara?

Yes, Ciara & Bow Wow began dating in 2005, but their relationship ended in April 2006 due to Bow Wow allegedly cheating on Ciara.

Was Ciara in a relationship with Bow Wow?


Who is ciara in a relationship with?

Ciara used to be in a relationship with 50 cent, but now she is in a relationship with Bow Wow.

Is Ciara still in a relationship with Bow Wow?

No, they haven't dated in over 5 years.

Does bow wow still love ciara up to this day?

for sure,i think bow wow love ciara.bow wow was really in love with cici (Ciara).bow wow still love her till this they.

Is it true that bow wow cheated on ciara or did ciara cheat on bow wow?

Bow Wow cheated on Ciara with a stripper.

Are ciara and bow wow still together?

=== ===

Is bow wow and ciara still go out?


Is Ciara still a virgin?

CiaraActually, Ciara lost her virginity when she was 18 and it wasn't by Bow Wow!

What happen to ciara and bow wow?

(This is a fact!) Bow Wow and Ciara broke up because Bow Wow was cheating on her with a stripper.

Is Ciara and Bow Wow dating again?

No, Bow Wow still has feelings for Ciara hence the song( Outta my System), but Ciara has moved on, you can tell by listening to(Promise) and (Like A Boy)

Does ciara still do with bow wow?

yeah because she a hoe

Do Ciara still call and text Bow Wow?


How did Ciara and Bow Wow break up and why?

I think because bow wow was cheating on ciara

Do Bow Wow want Ciara back?

Hss bow wow does want ciara back

Was Ciara and Bow Wow in a relationship?

Yes they were for awhile.. But not anymore :( oh gosh'

Does ciara harris have a husband?

ciara doesn't have a husband i thank she still like bow wow

Did bow wow kiss ciara?

yes, bow wow did kiss ciara they kiss so soft

Did Bow Wow break up with Ciara or did Ciara break up with him?

bow wow broke up with her

Is Bow Wow and Ciara married?

No they aren' t, they are still engaged.

Who did bow wow cheated with?

bow wow cheated on ciara with a stripper

Why did Ciara and Bow Wow break up?

Ciara and Bow Wow broke up because Ciara caught him in the bed with a stripper when he was in Los Angeles.

Does Bow Wow and Ciara have a baby?

i dont think so,No they didnt go out long Bow Wow or Ciara have no children !

Bow wow still wants to go out with ciara?

yea but she don't wanna be with him

How did bow wow and ciara break up?

Bow Wow cheated on her with a stripper.