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Is Bromine or chlorine better for hot tubs?


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Bromine is better overall as a solution than chlorine for hot tubs. Bromine Tablets are EPA registered, are an excellent sanitizer choice, are inexpensive and very easy to use. Used best with a floating feeder system, Bromine is superior to chlorine in that once free chlorine is combined with waste, it has no further sanitizing capability.

For water pool treatment Trichlor tablets work great. Because of the high acidic nature, this particular type of chlorine is not recommended in spas. It also dissolves too slow to be effective. If the spa shell is exposed to Trichlor for a prolonged period of time, bleaching of the spa shell can occur and can often cause a permanent ring at the water line of the spa shell.

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Chemicals used in hot tubs include Bromine or chlorine. Chlorine comes in granulated forms or a liquid. Another chemical used in hot tubs is sodium bromide.

If there are high levels of either chlorine or bromine in a hot tub, then these chemicals can be irritating to the skin. Absorbing high levels of bromine can also lead to iodine deficiencies in the body. Chlorine is typically safer.

Bromine is liquid at room temperature but evaporates very rapidly into a purple-brown, choking gas that smells rather like chlorine. Sodium bromide, the bromine analog of table salt, is often used in hot tubs.

This is a rhetorical question. Perhaps not intentionally, but nonetheless is. Chlorine is not used in hot tubs because it is genearlly unstable and doesn't readily exist as the element in nature. Bromine is typically used, and more recently salt.

Although ordering the spa as a "salt water" hot tub when you buy it is easier, as there is some plumbing work required, you can retrofit either a bromine salt generator or chlorine salt generator and create your own "salt water spa".There is a misnomer about salt water hot tubs in that you still have to create the chemical chlorine or bromine in order to sanitize the water. Only with a salt generator this process happens automatically, but you must establish either a bromine salt reserve or a chlorine salt reserve depending on the system you are using.You will save the trip to the store for chlorine or bromine, but you still need to add the salt when you refill the spa or when you top up the water.To convert, the bromine salt cell is plumbed into the water line and the control unit is mounted to the spa. A hot tub tech can do this for you. Sometimes you may save by already having the salt generator and just having someone hook it up and add it to the plumbing.There is no switching. But you do have to install a chlorine generator. The generator makes the chlorine from the salt you add. But why go through all the hassles and expense?A better bet would be to use Bromine, it was developed for use in hot tubs. Besides at high temps. chlorine will vent off in a gas form and probably run you off.

If you have a salt water hot tub or pool, you shouldn't need to add any extra chlorine. I am the pool operator at our local YMCA and we have a salt system with a Chloromatic chlorine generating cell. Rarely do we add any extra chlorine, only in cases of decontamination and/or shocking. Bromine does do better than chlorine in higher temps.

you don't put chlorine in the bath tub you put it in pool,and hot tubs, public water ect.

Any hot tub can be sanitized with cholrine-free treatments. Hot Tub Silver is one such product.

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It's used in fumigants, water treatment for swimming pools and hot tubs, and as an intermediate in organic chemicals, etc.

you can use chlorine, bromine or Aquagarde visit aquagarde.com to find out more

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Salt water hot tubs have some misconceptions behind them. FIRST. It is not the same as the ocean. The ocean has tens of thousands PPM of sodium. (notice I used sodium, not salt) Salt water hot tubs (and pools) start out with only 1500 to 2100 PPM of sodium. A fraction. SECOND. All bromine and Chlorine start out as sodium. Bromine, started out as Sodium Bromide (NaBr). Chlorine (NaCl)......take a look at the box of table salt. Salt water hot tubs are nor corrosive then any other tub out there. Acidity actually come from other sources. Okay, now that we understand what and where the chemistry comes from, lets look into how it works for our hot tubs. We cannot use NaCl in a hot tub, it is affected by temperatures over 98deg. (which is every hot tub out there). So, we have to use a bromine base, that is not affected by heat, NaBr. This is of course the raw material used to make an active bromine, which is what kills the bacteria. We add, based on the size of tub, many gallons (or Litres) to the tub to bring the PPM up to the appropriate level. (between 1500-2100 PPM). The NaBr, is mixed up with the water and is now ready to turn into Bromine. We turn the NaBr into Bromine by passing the water proper ppm levels) over something called a "salt cell". This cell is made of graphite. (pools use titanium) As the water comes in contact with the surface area of the cell, the energy releases the Bromine molecule and turns the sodium molecule dormant (but not gone). We now have an active, or FREE BROMINE. As the bromine comes in contact with bacteria, the bromine is then used up, and goes dormant, bringing it back to its original state (NaBr). As your hot tub circulates, it simply recycles the inactive back to active, over and over again. And because Na is a mineral, it does not evaporate with your water, so there is far less draining of your tub, and considerably less chemicals....There is a major cost savings. P.S. If someone tells you that it is not good for your tub, understand this. The reason for dumping a regular hot tub every 3 months or so, is because of the pucks and powders that you use in the tub, they are full of all sorts of fillers and the pucks are full of glues and binders that help make them dissolve slowly. FACT. Salt water hot tubs do not use pucks and powders.... It actually far better for your tub, they use only liquids.

It aids the filter in removing contaminants. If you use chlorine as your primary sterilant, ozone removes the chlorine faster, essentially wasting it. If you use bromine as your primary sterilant, ozone reactivates the bromine+organic to hypobromous acid. So you get extended life from your bromine by using ozone.

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All chlorine comes from salt weather it is made fresh from a generator or in tab form chlorine or Bromine. You may want to consider Ozone. Or Bromine All salt pools have chlorine in them that is what the salt is for. The small amount of diluted salt is run thru the salt generator and thus produces chlorine. The amount of salt in you or any pool can not be perceived by the body. It is in such small quanties. Not even close to that of the ocean. Apparently no one explained the system to you when it was installed or perhaps you forgot or were not listening. Google pool salt systems and get informed.

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