Edward Jenner

Is Bruce Jenner a descendant of Dr Edward Jenner?


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well as u know well u probably should know Dr Edward Jenner is from united kingdom

That would be Dr. Edward Jenner.

AnswerEdward Jenner in 1796.For more information, see the related link.Edward Jenner developed the smallpox vaccine. See 'Is Edward Jenner responsible for the smallpox vaccination?' for my answer on how he did it.Edward Jennerwell....for vaccination EDWARD JENNAR introduced firstly the system of vaccines to prevent them from many infectious diseases such as small pox,polio,hepatitis etc.Dr. Edward Jenner . =D LOL=DEdward Jenner

Dr Edward Jenner's qualification is that he found a vaccination for the deadly disease smallpox.

In 1796, Dr. Edward Jenner discovered the first vaccination for smallpox, trying to save his one month old son.

Dr. Edward Jenner created the term "vaccine."

Dr. Edward Jenner's work was important in the treatment of disease, as he found the smallpox vaccination

Smallpox was discovered in Britain by the famous Dr. Edward Jenner in 1769, (18th centry)

The cast of The Story of Dr. Jenner - 1939 includes: Matthew Boulton as Edward Jenner, M.D. Helen Brown as Mary Phipps - Mother Naomi Childers as Townswoman Harry Cording as Village Dairyman Fay Helm as Mrs. Edward Jenner John Nesbitt as Narrator Raymond Severn as Little Jim Phipps

The first ever vaccine was made in 1796 by a dude named Dr. Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner noticed a trend that farm maids who milked cows were oftentimes immune to smallpox. After some research, he identified that cowpox (caused by a cousin of the smallpox virus) infected the maids and was the cause of their immunity. Jenner then experimented with cowpox on a child (history is unclear on whether this was his son or a neighbor). When he later exposed the child to smallpox, nothing happened. Thus Dr. Edward Jenner developed a method to immunize people from smallpox (which was later named vaccination by the French).

The Story of Dr- Jenner - 1939 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved

Dr Edward Jenner discovered the vaccine in 1796 and published his findings in 1798.Edward Jenner invented the vaccine for small pox in 1798. He prepared the vaccine from the cow pox virus. His discovery could save more lives than any other medical discovery.

1796 he administered his first cowpox based vaccine for smallpox. But others had experimented with it before on a small scale.

Vaccination was first discovered by Dr. Edward Jenner. He discovered the vaccination for smallpox. Today smallpox is completely eradicated from the world and there is nobody suffering from this disease.

Dr. Jenner did not cure small pox. He invented the vaccination against it which isn't exactly the same thing. It's better. Preventing illness is superior to treating it.

Dr Edward Jenner injected small boy who had smallpox with cowpox, after hearing from a dairy maid that people who got cowpox would not get smallpox. This worked and that's how vaccination came about.

Dr Edward Jenner discovered the vaccine in 1796 and published his findings in 1798It became a worldwide disease and killed many people.. But God has a reason for everything that happens in our lives

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Doctor Edward Jenner (the pioneer of smallpox vaccination) was born in Berkley, Gloucestershire, England on 17th May 1749. He studied medicine in London and later returned to Gloucestershire as a geneal practicioner. He died on 26th January 1823. Jenners house is now a museum and he is buried in the chancel of the parish church in Berkeley

Dr Edward Jenner was a physician and scientist who, late in the 18th century, gave a demonstration that cowpox pus from human beings could be used as a way of conveying immunity to smallpox in us. Louis Pasteur was a 19th century chemist and microbiologist who invented pasteurisation and a special type of pipette, and who was responsible for various discoveries. Please see the links.

yes there is in the early 1700's Dr. Edward Jenner had discovered that cows had cowpox so he got some cow pox and tested it on a local boy who then became ill for a few days but then after that he had became immune to smallpox!

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The first known cases of smallpox go back to 1350 BC and the disease has been known for a very long time. Dr. Campbell identified how smallpox is spread. Edward Jenner is credited with developing the smallpox vaccine in 1796.

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