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Either, a DVD will allow the most amount of space.

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Q: Is CD or DVD better for downloading pictures?
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Related questions

Is it better to burn pictures onto a CD or a DVD?

It depends primarily on how many pictures you intend to store on a single disc, the size of those pictures and where they will be viewed. Choosing one of the other will have no impact on the final quality of the pictures. While a DVD will hold several times the number of pictures of a CD, CD's can still hold a fair number of pictures. If you can fit all of the pictures you need onto a single CD, you are a little better off going with the CD. The reason is that most DVD players and DVD drives will read a CD, yet CD players and CD drives will not read a DVD. If you are sharing these pictures with someone that may only have a CD drive and not a DVD drive, the CD will give you greater compatibility. If you have too many pictures to fit on a single CD, you would still be okay sharing a DVD in most circumstances. Almost all drives installed in new computers over the past 7-10 years have been DVD drives. I think the DVD is better than CD, becaus of the better quality and bigger if you want to burn more pictures onto a CD or DVD, you had better choose the DVD disc, hope these informs can help you.

Why is DVD better than CD?

Dvd is better than CD because the dvd can store more data than the CD

Should you use a DVD or CD to copy pictures?


What kind of storage is DVD and CD storage?

dvd or usb amount of storage for pictures

Why won't my DVD ram drive not read music CD's?

A DVD is a movie disc. A CD is a music disc. Your DVD drive cant recognise cds because it is probably from an old computer. try downloading whatever is on the CD from the internet.

What kind of CD do you buy to transfer pictures?

cd's you can get them from most supermarkets blank cd's not dvd

What type of disc is used for pictures?


How do you get pictures from a CD onto your computer for viewing?

how do i copy or record DVD to an ordinary CD plate?

Why is downloading LimeWire illegal?

Downloading with LimeWire is not all illegal. But people putting things off CD's and DVD's is illegal even if it was paid for!

Can pictures be stored on a DVD rather than on a CD?

Yes. Any type of data can be placed on a DVD.

Can pictures be copied from a DVD to a CD?

Yes. Optical data is magnetic.

What kind of CD is needed for pictures and video?

Do you mean to play videos or a slideshow on a DVD player? If so, it depends on your DVD player. Some DVD players can run videos from a regular CD, while others can't If you mean what kind of CD is needed to STORE pictures and video, it really doesn't matter. You can use a CD, a DVD, or even a Blu-Ray disk.

What kind of CD disk do you need to download pictures from your computer?

you need CD write table and CD or DVD writetable ROM

Is special software required to burn a CD and a DVD so they can be used to copy pictures and photos on them?

No, as long as you have a CD/DVD drive that can write to discs, then it should work.

How many pictures will a 700 MB CD hold?

It depends on the size of the Pictures. A CD is like any memory device, it has a definitive amount of space to store data. you can store about 700 MB of pictures. If you have a camera that can produce 10 meg pictures then you can put about 70 pictures on that CD. That is a general answer to the question, however in reality pictures taken from a 10 meg camera may be larger or smaller on a disk. A DVD will hold many more pictures and most computers that can read the pictures from a CD can also read them from a DVD. I just did a wedding, lunch, dinner, and dance and I've got 719 pictures and they total 3.7 GB. That's 3,700 MB or 6 Cd's. I should be able to get all of them on a DVD. A DVD can hold 4.7 GB of information. I hoped that cleared things up a little.

Why would your computer freeze up downloading a program from a DVD?

Your computer can freez up by downloading from anything like a cd, dvd, or internet It does this because you might of used up all of your ram, or hard disk space, or there could be a hidden virus in the item you are downloading

How do CD's and DVD's work?

they develop motion pictures onto the disks for us to watch

Is CD-r or CD plus r better?

Good question, but plus CD doesn't exist. It does with regard to DVD.

Difeerences between CD and DVD drives?

Computers used to have separate drives for putting in a CD and Playing a DVD. Now, especially with Laptops, Most Computers and Laptops have a multifunction unit in which both DVD'S and CD'S can be read, but again, some computers still do have separate drives, purely because the performance is better, e.g. A CD may upload better onto iTunes for example in A CD drive rather than a CD/DVD drive.

How to burn pictures and see on tv?

I take it by burn you mean put your pictures on a CD. If your computer has a CD burner, you should have the software to burn pictures onto a CD. Once they are on the CD, you can view them on most DVD players. My DVD player will only show pictures that are saved in the jpg or jpeg format, so check the manual for your player. Also many digital cameras come with patch cords that plug into the side of the camera and the aux plugs on your TV.

Can you transfer pictures from a dell PC to an iMac?

You will need to save the pictures on a flash drive, CD, or DVD, in order to load them on an iMac.

Can DVD be used in a CD device?

A DVD can not be used in a CD Player, but a CD can be used in a DVD Player.

Is a CD the same as a DVD?

a CD is like a DVD but the DVD cant be played in a radio and a CD cant be played in a DVD player

Are music CD's coded the same way DVD's are?

In the similar way, yes. But since DVD's have pictures, sound, controls, menus, and other things, the codes are much more compact than CD's are.

How to view pictures from CD on computer?

Just insert the CD and either wait for autorun to ask you if you want to view them, or open My Computer and double-click the CD/DVD drive.