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Methane (CH4) is a gas; the boiling point is at -164 0C.

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Volatility is the measure of how easily something evaporates.

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1 mole CH4 = 16.042g CH4 96g CH4 x 1mol CH4/16.042g CH4 = 6.0 moles CH4 (rounded to two significant figures)

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CH4 is the chemical formula of methane.

200 g CH4 x 1 mole CH4/16 g = 12.5 moles CH4

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5.01 moles methane (CH4) 80.16g CH4 | 1 mol CH4 ---- 1 | 16g CH4

CH4 stands for methane!

Methane is the name of ch4.

I belive CH4 is a compound.

NH3 and NH3 CH4 and CH4 CO2 and CH4 NH3 and CH4 CO2 and CO2

Alkanes high volatility as the type of Intermolecular Force of it is Van Der Waals', which is the weakest bond.

Methane or CH4 is not a dipole. It is because the molecule of this element has no polarity. The polarity if CH4 is neutral.

Methane is the name of ch4.

CH4 is the chemical formula of methane.

The bonds in CH4 are covalent.

CH4 is generally not considered an acid.