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Yes and no.

The drinks given to the actress on set are often just juice and do not contain caffeine.

However; the character is supposed to be drinking an energy drink filled with caffeine.

Caf Pow is a parody of a 7-11 'Big Gulp' it's size and coloration match almost exactly to the well known brand. Big Gulp cups at a 7-11 can be filled with any soda or juice available on their soda fountain.

At the time the show started 7-11 was carrying an energy drink which matches the color and appearance of caf-pow on their soda fountains. The drink is called 'Wild Stallion' and it could be purchased in a Big Gulp cup.

Wild Stallions orange mango flavored drink in a Big Gulp cup is the closest you will find to the 'Caf Pow' the character is drinking in the storyline (even though its not what the actress is drinking when playing the part).

Wild Stallion uses extract from coffee beans; however it is not coffee because it is never brewed and the extract is removed by pressing instead of heat (the way coffee is made) so it is considered a juice and not an iced coffee.

In recent years CBS has begun carrying cans of a drink that is actually named 'Caf-Pow' and it is sometimes available through the CBS fan store as a novelty item. The drink sold from CBS is based on whats in the show (rather than the one in the show being based on something actually called Caf Pow)

Caf Pow the novelty can is not always available and appears to be a seasonal item that CBS brings out around Christmas and leaves up until they sell out.

As for the original inspiration for it (Wild Stallion), it is still available in some regions, but has become less common in recent years, you will no longer find it at every 7-11.

Big Gulp cups continue to be sold nation wide at every 7-11 and can be filled with any number of fountain drinks, some with caffeine, some without.

Others have claimed Caf Pow is a slushee or some form of frozen drink. This does not appear to be accurate as the cup used is easily identifiable as the fountain soda cups for 7-11 and not the iced drink cups (which use a different color and a domed lid).

So regardless of whats actually in it, the intent is to parody a 64oz Big Gulp filled with an energy drink from the soda fountain of a convenience store.
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