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i really dont its true or fake but i think so its true

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Received a text msg on my mobile saying that I won 2,00,000 GBP in the Coca Cola mobile draw. Is this true or just a scam???

Muhammad Daniyal Munir from Pakistan

No it is not true. It is a scam

yes its true but cocacola dont want people to know about so they dont advertise the fact!!

this is bloody fake msgs

i don't know if its true but an sms came in my number saying that i have won the draw.

Cocacola was invented in 1886 but i dont know who by

there used to be cocain in cocacola but not nowa days.

my dad has been drinking cocacola for 18years he used to drink 3 letres a day to him self we think the cocacola in rotting his insides can that be true if so what is the ingredient that could be doing that?

i have receive the email that's saying i have won the money, may i ask it this true

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future plane of cocacola future plane of cocacola

I've seen things that say "Coke (cocacola) adds to life"

Very good taste of cocacola makes ait a quality product.

how many countries have opertating cocacola stored

There is no separate "mobile draw" in the UK National Lottery but it is possible to purchase an entry to the normal lottery games using a mobile telephone - or cell phone.

IF and THENFor example: IF I put mentos into a CocaCola bottle THENthe cocacola in the bottle will start to rise in a foamy texture.

I received an sms on 7th of Sept that i have won 650,000 pounds in Coca Cola Intl Draw 2009. Is it a joke or true? Plz reply back to me as soon as possible. My mobile no. is 0923215362822 regards, Amna. Its supposed to be a joke check

Have a COKE & A SMILE.

no Google it and you will find that its a scam

No. AT&T is not buying T-Mobile. It was cancelled in 2011

No. There is no international Coca Cola draw. It is a scam.

Some of the mobile tricks given on the site are true while some are not.

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