Is Corduroy The Bear a boy?

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Yes, He"s a male. this comes across in the juvenile-book version of the character. He is what is usually called a Teddy Bear.
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What is the definition of corduroy?

-noun 1. a cotton-filling pile fabric with lengthwise cords or ridges. 2. corduroys, trousers made of this fabric. -adjective 3. of, pertaining to, or resembling corduroy. 4. constructed of logs laid together transversely, as a road across swampy ground. -verb (used with o ( Full Answer )

What is the history of corduroy?

Corduroy was first used by kings and noblemen in France and in a few other countries in Europe. For that reason, it was called the "cloth of the king". It was used for the upper ajusted garment (pourpoint) of the king which was called in French "justau cor ps". The last part of that word is pronounc ( Full Answer )

What is corduroy?

A Corduroy is an alive teddy bear and a little kid too. Corduroy The Bear is a bear that wears green corduroy overalls that wears two yellow or white buttons.

Does anyone have a corduroy fetish?

Yes, many people have corduroy fetish, including myself and my lady friend. I love midwale corduroy and so does she. The other day both of us were wearing our favorite corduroy pairs of pants and we went to the movie theater. This theater had couch style seating. My lady friend reached out with her ( Full Answer )

Fall out boy bear dancers?

yep only if the bear can dance past shows from Chicago and indianna to London and wales.cant find bears on America tv only dreams where bears run free.

What are the corduroy roads?

Corduroy roads are roads that are built with logs or poles placed across swampy or unstable ground. This type of road was used by wheeled vehicles and horses. Cattle and herds of pigs or sheep were not allowed on the road because of spaces between the logs and poles.. Sometimes hewed or sawn lumber ( Full Answer )

What are corduroy pants?

Corduroy pants are trousers or jeans made with corduroy fabric, a cut-pile fabric like velvet with ribs (narrow, medium or wide). From a distance, narrow wales corduroy look like velvet. Pants or jeans made of corduroy are called corduroys or manch (in Britain). The word "corduroy" was inspired by t ( Full Answer )

How do you launder corduroy?

Turn garment inside out, wash, on regular cycle, in cold water. Dry garment, inside out, on permanent press setting, remove from dryer, while still slightly damp Straighten out seams, pockets, etc., hang to dry. Iron inside out.

Is corduroy synthetic?

Corduroy is usually 100% cotton. Recently some try to imitate corduroy by using synthetic material. No. It is a natural fibre

Are corduroy pants in for men's fashion?

Yes, most definitely. Corduroy is often sneered at but it is one of the few fabrics that works well in all social situations, from the needle type jeans for young, smart suits for formal occasions and the chunkier jumbo corduroy pants for those who are brave and know that everyone looks at them, eit ( Full Answer )

What word family is corduroy?

Corduroy is in the Indo-European family of languages. The element cord is from the Greek, via Latin and French, and it means a twisted fiber or a raised fabric. The duroy element, an obsolete English word meaning a rough cloth, is of obscure origin .

Why does Corduroy The Bear have buttons on his pants?

Corduroy the Bear has two buttons on his corduroy overalls becausethere are two straps on the overalls. The buttons are used toattach the straps to the overalls so they stay up. The buttons alsomake the overalls easy to take off and put on.

Why does Corduroy The Bear and The Disney character Pinocchio relate to each other?

Corduroy The Bear and The Disney Character Pinocchio relate to each other because they are little kids wearing overalls. Corduroy The Bear wears green corduroy overalls with no shirt. Corduroy The Bear has two white buttons on his green corduroy overalls. The Disney Character Pinocchio wears red sho ( Full Answer )

Does Corduroy The Bear have two buttons on his overalls?

In the beginning of the Corduroy book, Corduroy only hasone button on one shoulder strap of his overalls. Corduroy tries tofind the missing button. The next day, a girl buys Corduroy, takeshim home, and sews a button on his other shoulder strap.

Why does Corduroy The Bear have 2 buttons on his green corduroy overalls?

Corduroy The Bear does have two buttons on his green Corduroy overalls because they did got the button out of the storm drain and they did put the button back on Corduroy The Bear's overalls. Lisa sewed both buttons on super tightly so it will not fall off any more. An other reason why does Corduroy ( Full Answer )

Are corduroy pants the same as floods?

Flood pants are pants which are several inches shorter than usual. The idea is that even if there were a flood, the cuffs of those pants would never get wet. Corduroy pants, on the other hand, are pants made out of a fabric called corduroy. Corduroy has lines of very thin plush running up and down. ( Full Answer )

Is there a book called Corduroy?

We can locate two books with the title "Corduroy". The first was written by Don Freeman. It was published in 1968 andis a classic children's picture book. The ISBN is 0670241334. The second was written by Adrian Bell. It was published in 1998 andis a collection of memoirs during both World Wars. T ( Full Answer )

Why does Corduroy The Bear have 2 buttons on his overalls?

Because Lisa sewed a button to the strap of his overalls that was missing a button. They did got the button out of the storm drain and they did put the button back on Corduroy The Bear's overalls. So right now there are two buttons on Corduroy The Bear's overalls

What were corduroy roads and why were they used?

They are roads. They were first used in the USA during the American Revolution. They were used to help travelers cross swampy areas.. But they were made of huge Logs! So the ride was quite bumpy.

Why is corduroy roads important?

Cordury roads were important because it was a new way of transportation that hadn't been built yet..

Is the champ bear a boy from build a bear workshop?

If it pleases you yes. But if you want your bear to be a girl, it can also be a girl. You choose the name of your bear/animal at the Build A Bear Workshop. I have been there many times and the name you give your cuddly friend gives it the gender you please. If you choose the name Taylor be careful b ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy corduroy vans?

In the Vans Store or in the mall , Modells,Dicks Sporting Goods or if you cant find them just order online!

Where can one buy a corduroy jacket?

A Corduroy Jacket can be bought anywhere. From stores to online, This type of Jacket is wide spread and available at any time. Some places would be a Ralphlauren store or Macy's to online at loft or marks and spencer.

What is corduroy commonly used for?

Corduroy is a form of textile composed of twisted fibres that create a cord effect. It's most commonly used for clothing (usually trousers) or furniture upholstery.

Where can one purchase corduroy skirts?

Corduroy skirts can usually be found at a number of retailers during the winter. Some of these retailers include Old Navy, Athleta, and Neiman Marcus.

Where can one purchase a corduroy blazer?

It is possible to purchase a corduroy blazer both online and on the high street in the UK. Online one could purchase from Debenhams, Amazon, Banana Republic and eBay, for the second hand option. On the high street corduroy blazers may be available in Debenhams, Tesco, Asda and TKMaxx.

Where can one find a bear hat for a boy?

Bear hats are usually custom made. Check out stores that make custom fit hats, or children's stores that carry cute hats for boys. Also check out Amazon or eBay, which would have unique items.

Is Corduroy The Bear more popular than South Park?

One Opinion: Yes, Corduroy is more popular than South Park. They are going towrite, air, and DVD release new episodes of Corduroy The Bear.South Park has some inappropriate stuff.

How do you clean a corduroy coat?

Contrary to most belief, you can actually dry clean a corduroy coat and it will remove any unwanted smells. Or you may wash it and leave it out in the sun to dry.

What companies produce corduroy skirts?

Some companies that produce corduroy skirts are Old Navy, Express, Eddie Bauer, and American Apparel. Other companies that produce corduroy skirts are Banana Republic and Patagonia.

What is a mens corduroy jacket made of?

The brand named K-Brand sells a line of mens corduroy jackets which are made of 85% cotton and 15% polyester. These jackets are great for fall, winter and spring.

Which stores sell corduroy jackets?

Lots of stores sell corduroy jackets but they are mostly a seasonal item for the fall/winter season. Target, Walmart, Kohl, and Old Navy are just some of the stores. Store catalogs such as LL Bean are another great place to try.

How are corduroy shirts manufactured?

Corduroy is made by adding an extra set of fibers to fabric to create a ridge. When the corduroy is rolled on to reams it can then be cut in to the pieces that are used to make clothing such as shirts and pants. It is considered a strong material but it is heavier than cotton or cotton blend cloth ( Full Answer )

What can you use corduroy in a sentence?

I made a quilt using corduroy squares. People used to wear slacks made from corduroy fabric. I made my toddler a pair of pants from plaid corduroy material. Thematerial kept her warm in winters, but she was too young to realizethey looked awful.