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no he can only transform into the curse mark level 1. there was never a level two.

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Yes Naruto will be able to enter Sage Mode and use Senjutsu as well. In fact, Jiraiya will also enter Sage Mode.

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Q: Is Curse Mark Sasuke level 2 available in Naruto ultimate ninja 2?
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How can you get Curse-marked Sasuke in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 1?

You have to become a Chuunin.

How many forms does Sasuke have in all of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja games?

in all the naruto ultimate ninja games,sasuke has 3 forms,the normal,the curse mark mode 1 and the curse mark mode 2

Who can you get Sasuke curse mark on Naruto Ultimate Ninja?

you got to use ultimate justu 3 in ever part in story mode

Will cursed mark Sasuke be in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm?

Yes and so will Curse Mark 2.

Is there a ultimate jutsu with Sasuke curse mark 2 on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

its called ominious chidori that turn sasuke into cs2 and then he can use black chidori and he can kinda fly.

How do you get nine tailed Naruto on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2?

you have to play all of the story modes and pass all a and s ranked missoins and you will get nine tailed naruto and curse mark sasuke

Best team to unlock curse seal Sasuke in Naruto arena?

Try Sasuke Tayuya and Naruto(S)

How do you unlock curse mark chidori in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

buy all the items from the item shops or level sasuke up or both

When will you see Sasuke curse in naruto shipuuden?

Well... the answer is ... LOL!!!

Who is better Sasuke or naruto?

naruto is better i mean the way how sasuke beat naruto was the curse mark. but later itachi took away the curse mark from sauke. and now naruto learned how to control the nine tailed while sasuke dosent have a curse mark. and naruto also got sage mode. so for all does people say that sasuke is better than naruto he is not because.sasuke doesn't have curse mark or anything just his sharingan and his sword.

Can sasuke go demon form in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5?


Does Sasuke have curse mark in Naruto clash of ninja 3?

yes he does