Is Cyanamid an American Company

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Is Cyanamid an American Company
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Is George Sella of American Cyanamid alive?


How can you apply for retirement from American Cyanamid?

contact American Home Products Corp in Madison, New Jersey

What does the company Melmac produce?

Melmac was the brandname for dinnerware made from molded melamine resin, a very sturdy type of plastic. Melmac dinnerware was actually produced by the company American Cyanamid. Melmac brand dinnerware is still available today from various websites such as Pronto, Etsy, and iOffer.

Who owns rights to the formula for Blue Jeans cologne made by Shulton Incorporated?

Schultz selected American Cyanamid because he always believed the ideal company would be a combination of chemicals/pharmaceuticals and consumer products. In 1990, Shulton was sold to Procter & Gamble.

Where would you find out about an American Cyanamid pension?

It looks like Pfizer owns most of them now. but I found a document on that talks about Cytec taking over the Cyanamid retirement plan in 1994. I haven't read through the whole thing to see who exactly it covers, but I'll add the link to the discussion.

What has the author Stephen Conrad Stuntz written?

Stephen Conrad Stuntz has written: 'Reference list on the electric fixation of atmospheric nitrogen and the use of calcium cyanamid and calcium nitrate on soils' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Calcium cyanamid, Calcium nitrate, Nitrification

When was the American Water Company founded?

The American Water Company was first founded in 1886. It was originally called American Water Works and Guarantee Company and became the American Water Company in 1947.

Where is the American Home Loans company located?

There is no company called the American Home Loans Company. There is a company called the American Home Mortgage Company. They are based in Melville, New York.

Who owns the American Chicle Company?

The American Chicle Company is owned by the Warner-Lambert Company

Is the Ozarka Water Company an American company?

Yes, the Ozarka Water Company is a branch off of the American Company. American Company have many different branches and many different stores that rely on their management.

Is the Ford car company American?

Ford is definitely an American car company.

When was the American Chicle Company founded?

The American Chicle Company was founded in 1856