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Dalton Academy is a private, all-boys school located in Westerville, Ohi

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Q: Is Dalton Academy a boarding school?
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What is a synanym for boarding school?

A synonym for "boarding school" is "academy".

Is Hillsdale Academy a private boarding school?

"Hillsdale Academy is not a boarding school, however it is a private school. Hillsdale Academy offers elementary and secondary education and is co-ed."

What is there school name on code lyoko?

Cadic Academy - it's a Boarding School.

Boarding School?

Yeah, tons!!! I go to boarding school, and mine is really cool! A lot of International schools are boarding schools and you meet people from all around the world and it makes you a very well rounded person. Very good!

What is a cool name for a Fantasy Boarding School?

Lord Voldemorts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Where is the Dalton academy campus?

If you're referring to Glee, Dalton Academy is fictional.

What school do the warblers out of glee attend?

Dalton Academy, an all-boys [fictional] private school located in Westerville, Ohio.

Which grade levels are taught at the Concord Academy boarding school?

The grade levels that are taught at the Concord Academy boarding school are 9th to 12th grades. They have a number of classes for the students to attend, as well as advanced classes in calculus, French, German, Latin, and Computer Science.

what are the best military schools for boys ?

Here are a few military schools you might want to check out: - Robert Land Academy - Christian military boarding school for boys - Marine Military Academy - Military Boarding Schools

Which boarding school did Percy Jackson go to before he was brought to camp half-blood?

Yancy academy!

Who plays Blane Anderson in glee?

He goes to Dalton Academy in the 2nd season of Glee. But he later transfers to Mckinley High School to be with his boyfriend Kurt <3

Is PCA from zoey 101 a real school?

There are schools similarly named, such as Pacific Coast Christian Academy. But, the Pacific Coast Academy on the television show, "Zoey 101," is a fictitious boarding school.