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Darry (Darrel Curtis) is dynamic because he realizes that fighting with Ponyboy wasn't the right thing to do and he changes because of that realization.

Darry is also round because we know a lot of his history (i.e. where he came from, what hobbies he has, what he did before the novel began).

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Is Steve from outsiders dynamic or static?

Steve is a static character in the book because you never changed throughout the story.

What does Darry fight for in The Outsiders?

the book says darry fights for pride;to show off his muscles.

Who is your darry?

Patrick Swayze plays Darry in The Outsiders

Who played darry in the outsiders?

Darry is played by Patrick Swayze.

What do others say about Darry outsiders?

what have other said about darry

Does Darry from The Outsiders have long or short hair?

Darry From The OutSiders Has Short Hair . And Remember Do Not Get Him Nd Dally Mixed Up .

How tall is Darry from The Outsiders?

It never says really.. But in the movie Darry is the tallest.

How old is Darry from the Outsiders?

Darrel 'Darry' Curtis is 20 years old.

Who are the dynamic and static characters in The Crucible?

John Proctor = dynamic Rev. Parris = dynamic Abigail = static

Does comcast have static or dynamic ip's?

Dynamic unless you pay extra for a static.

Darry from The Outsiders?

Yes Darry was Sodapop and Ponyboys older brother. He was very strict but had a reason for it.

Why don't Ponyboy and Darry get along in The Outsiders?

Ponyboy feels Darry is bossy, always on his case.

What school offers Darry a scholarship in the book The Outsiders?

Darry doesn't get a scholarship from any college.

How do you describe Darry from The Outsiders?

Darry from The Outsiders can be described as strong and intelligent. He is a hard worker who makes good cake which he eats with his brothers every day for breakfast.

What is static and dynamic?

static comes from stationary means not moving and dynamic means moving

What are static and dynamic implementation in data sructure?

what are static and dynamic implemention in data strucyure

Is Juana a static or dynamic character in the pearl?

Is juana static or dynamic in the book the pearl?

Is Cinderella stepmother a dynamic or static character?

is cinderella step mother static or dynamic

Was Bernardo in Hamlet static or dynamic?

In Hamlet Bernardo is not a dynamic character but a static character.

What is the antonum of dynamic?

The antonym of dynamic is 'static'.

Was Darry mean in The Outsiders?

no. He just cared about his brothers.

What is ponyboys goal in The Outsiders?

To get through to his brother Darry.

What does pony think darry will be on day in the outsiders?

Pony thinks Darry could be a "socs" if it wasn't for the gang.

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