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No! David's not dating Miranda or anyone for that matter.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-27 04:02:58
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Q: Is David Archuleta dating Miranda Congrove?
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Does Miranda Cosgrove like David Archuleta?

No she LOVES him. They're dating!

Is David Archuleta is boyfriend of Miranda Cosgrove?

No, David Archuleta is NOT the boyfriend of Miranda Cosgrove.

Is David Archuleta dating abby olson?

No,David Archuleta is not dating anyone.

Is David Archuleta really single?

No. David Archuleta is dating Miranda Cosgrove! NO! he is not! if you were a TRUE Archie fan you would know that him dating her is a RUMOR....meaning he's SINGLE THANK GOD! newtest3 davidarchuletafan101

David Archuleta is boyfriend of Miranda Cosgrove?

No, he is NOT.

Is Demi Lovato going out with David Archuleta?

No, David is not dating anyone currently and I doubt he would date Miley, Demi, Selena, Miranda, Jennette, or Charice.

Did David Archuleta have a first kiss yet?

Hey!! no, David haven't he said he's waiting for the right person,, and he had never had a girlfriend before, he's not dating Miranda

Who is the guy in Miranda cosgroves video stay your baby?

david archuleta

Is David Archuleta dating America Ferrera?

No David is not dating America Ferrera. She is 6 years older than David.

Who is David Archuleta crushing on?

Although user "Archie4life96" claims otherwise, that answer is NOT verified. David Archuleta has NOT released the name of ANY person that he is dating. In a Google search done on 11/26/09 for "David Archuleta girlfriend", "David Archuleta Miranda Cosgrove" and similar terms, NOTHING came up that shows he's dating anyone. David and Miranda HAVE worked together, nothing more.Even stars have private lives, and if David Archuleta has decided to keep his private, then his fans should respect that.**** PROVIDE PROOF: Please do NOT change this answer unless you can provide PROOF, such as a reference from a trusted source, and make sure you include the LINK to that source in order to back up your change. This is NOT a gossip site.Thank you.

Does David Archuleta like anyone?

If 'like' means is he dating anyone, then no.

Is David Archuleta dating Jennette McCurdy?

No. Jennette McCurdy is dating actor Max Ehrich.

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