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Is Dawns Piplup a boy or a girl on Pokemon?


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September 13, 2011 1:42AM

i think he is a boy

Then why does it where a cheerleader outfit like the girls do,and not like the outfit Pikachu?

Becouse dawn dresses him up like that.

Yes dawns piplup is a boy and dawn dresses HIM like that cause personally i think shes tryin to make him Gay Ash wouldn't dress a boy like a girl thought cause hes not sad.

well i got finally got real answer piplup is a boy i saw an episode where he fell in love with a maril and an electrokid liked the girl maril too. So, piplup is a boy because those two fought over maril.

but I've seen a episode were piplup and pikachu fell in love with each other. yes it was by a weird machine, but still...