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How do you get a part on Disney channel shows?

Sign up with an agent. Disney works with them to acquire new talent.

Can you audition for Disney channel in New Orleans?

No + Disney channel sucks

How do you audition for a new Disney Channel show?

You audition for a new Disney Channel show by showing them your skills and then when they think about it for a few seconds you might be on a new Disney Channel show.

Do Disney channel actors and actresses like new comers in Disney channel?

They are very excited for the new comers will be in Disney channel the rest of their entire life.

What channel is Disney channel in New Jersey?

On channel 36

Disney channel games 2009 teams?

There are no Disney Channel Games this summer. Disney has announced a new charity event that will involve Disney Channel and Disney XD stars.

Is there going to be a new show on Disney channel?

The new Disney channel sitcom ANT farm is coming soon! :))

Why is Disney channel's slogan it's on?

Because Disney Channel had a new logo in 2010. So Disney decided that they would make a new Disney Channel slogan as well.

What channel is Disney channel in New York?

for optimom its 31

Can auditions for Disney channel go to UK?

Yes. i got through to a Disney audition through their UK talent search 2008 or 2007 im not sure which year it was. But although i did not win, i still got a chance. There should be a new talent search in the UK soon

Whats new for Disney channel?

Answer :New shows is Shake it Up and i know that this is not the question but new Disney channel movies is Avalon High and Tron.

Where could you see the new suite life on deck?

you could see it on Disney channel. and if you have direct tv and you missed an episode they have a east channel for Disney channel and a west channel for Disney channel so 3 hours later u can see it on the west channel of Disney channel

What is the channel that Disney junior the channel is on?

Disney Junior is the new "Toon Disney" and can be found on the Disney channels, east and west. In DirecTV, the channel is 290 and 291. On cable networks, the channel can be different, depending where you are. On Dish Network, the Disney channels are on 172 and 173. Disney Junior does not premier on Disney XD.

Can you see what channel Disney channel is on the sight?

Disney channel is on channel 31 yes but at different states its not the same for example TLC for new York is 28

Did Ashley Tisdale retire from Disney channel?

No because she is making a new movie that is showing on Disney channel and if she did she would not be still showing on Disney

What new songs are in Disney channel?


What is the new show in Disney channel?


Talent agencys in the world looking for talent 2009?

Talent agencies are always looking for new faces. It is best to narrow down your search by looking at talent agencies within your city and state.

Where can people watch Disney channel?

You can watch Disney channel (on channel 40) wherever their is a TV with sky, so long as you are in Australia or New Zealand

When is the Jonas Brothers new coming show J.O.N.A.S going to air on Disney Channel?

May 2009It is on Disney Channel.

When are auditions for Disney channel?

Well you can't audition for Disney channel itself, but you can audition for one of their new shows in America.

Are there Disney channel auditions in New Jersey?


What is the new Disney junior channel for comcast?


New friends on Disney channel superbia?

dont no

Where is Disney channel audition in New York?

it is in L.A.

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