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Is Disney hawain as scary as Disneyland?


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September 30, 2016 4:47AM

You seem to be asking if Disney "hawain theme" (Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland, maybe?) is as scary as Disneyland itself (presumably, at times when the Halloween Party is not going on).

Unlike Halloween events at some other theme parks, Mickey's Halloween Party is not intended to be "scary". Very young children might find it very slightly scarier than Disneyland generally is (after all, there's a six-foot-tall mouse walking around during normal times).

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August 20, 2016 11:12AM

Disney doesn't have a Hawaiian theme park. They have the Aulani Resort, but it's a resort, not a theme park.

Disneyland itself is not hardly "scary". Very young children might be frightened by a few of the rides ... for example, the "dark" rides are, well, dark (at least in places), and that might in itself by frightening to some. In addition to being dark, Pirates of the Caribbean has skeletons and, well, pirates; Peter Pan's Flight has a section where your vehicle "flies" over "London" at night, and that could be a little scary ... plus, again, pirates (and a crocodile). But there's nothing that should be truly terrifying to grade school children or older at Disneyland, except the prices.

Perhaps you're talking about Mickey's Halloween Party? It's really not intended to be "scary", it's intended to be fun. Most non-preschoolers will find the "spookiness" to be decidedly on the "lame" end of the scale, but very young children might be frightened by the costumes ... that is, even more frightened than they are by the normal, everyday, sight (at Disneyland) of a six-foot-tall mouse walking around.