Is Dr Sears a real MD?

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Who is Dr Al Sears MD?

Dr. Al Sears is a practing Physician doing both traditional and Alternative medicine in South Florida. He has written several articles and books.

What is the real name of Thirteen from MD House?

dr. remy hadley portrayed by actress Olivia wilde

Which is correct usage - 'Dr. Robert Roberts MD' or either 'Dr. Robert Roberts' or 'Robert Roberts MD'?

Never use Dr. and MD in same title; either Dr. Robert Roberts or Robert Roberts MD is correct.

Is Al Sears MD legitimate?

no he is not its a scam trust me

Is Dr Phil a real doctor?

Dr. Phil (Phillip Calvin McGraw) has a Ph.D in clinical psychology and is entitled to be referred to as "Doctor." He is not an MD, or medical doctor.

Is dr drew pinsky a real doctor?

No. Drew Pinsky is NOT a real doctor in the fundamental or historical sense of the word "Doctor," which means scholar or teacher. He is, however, and MD.

Does Dr. Louwenaar do the Lap Band surgery?

you can contact him here and find out

How many languages did Dr Doolittle speak?

Dr. Doolittle is a fictional character. He might have been in part suggested by Dr. Albert Schweitzer who was a real life MD, musician, and philosopher in Africa, a medical missionary type. Dr. Doolittle adminstered only to animals.

Who invented the zone diet?

Dr. Barry Sears

How old is Dr. Jim Sears?


Who is Dr Amy Castillo?

Dr. Amy Castillo is a pediatrician who practices in Kensington, MD.

What is salary of MD Dr child psychologist?


In which house MD episode does DR Cameron find out she is pregnant?

Dr. Cameron is never pregnant

Where can one get a body lift in NY?

One can get a body lift in New York City, United States at stores with the names "Real Self", "Donald Roland MD" or "Antell MD". It is also available at "Dr Sterry" or "Plastic Surgeons NY".

What is Dr Oz's real name?

Dr. Oz's real name is Dr. Mahmet Oz.

What doctor discovered cyanosis?

Dr. Ananya Mandel, MD

Who is the presiding bishop of the paw?

Dr. Horace smith,md

When was Dr Michiaki Takahashi MD from Japan born?


Who is the senior most a CEO MD or Chairman?

Dr. Rictofen

Where is Sears Tower located at?

Sears Tower, now Willis Tower 233 S. Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL, 60606

Who was Barry Sears?

In 1995, Dr. Barry Sears, Ph.D., a former biotechnology researcher for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, authored The Zone.

Who is Dr. Lindsey D. Lira?

Dr. Lindsey Lira, MD is a Family Medicine Specialist in Edwardsburg, MI.

opinions on dr jeff glaser urologist st louis area radiation seed implants experience?

Healthgrades for your doctor

How do you address an envelope to a Dr?

When address to a doctor it should appear as: Dr. John Doe or John Doe, MD.

What is the proper abbreviation for addressing letter to MD?

If you were sending a letter to John Smith, MD - you could address the letter to Dr. Smith.