Is Emily mileys bff

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no there not besy friends but they are friends miley is best friends with Leslie and Mandy!!!!:)

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Q: Is Emily mileys bff
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Who is Mileys bff in real life?

miley real bff is Emily osment

Demi who is selenas bff or Mandy who is mileys bff?

demi is Selena's bff and Mandy is miley's bff

Whos mileys bff?

Well, Mandy Jirox Is Mileys Bff and they have there own web show together called "The Miley and Mandy show"! Her Other bff lives In Tennessee and her name is Lesly. Lesly is in mileys song "see you again" (My best friend Lesly said oh shes just being Miley)

Mileys BFF Mandy Jiroux is in which girl pop group?

Beach Girl5

Are you and Emily bff?

yes Emily grace reeves and noah Cyrus are bffs but there is another bff roumed it is Sophie texaria!

Are Miley and Emily bff's?


Who is Sabre's BFF's?

Sabre's BFF's are Lindsey,Emily,Kaia,Kiki,Sunyoung,Breanna and Krysten

Who was at mileys 16th birthday?

her bff Mandy her family stars including tyra banks and i think 300 of her "closest friends"

Is Emily osment one if mileys best friends?

They are friends but not best friends.

Can you try out for the show Hannah Montana?

yes there is one 4 mileys new best friend i am the produer and lily aka Emily osment quit.... yes there is one 4 mileys new best friend i am the produer and lily aka Emily osment quit....

Who are Hanna montana's best friends?

mileys best friends r Emily osment and Samantha hundemo

What other then Miley is Miley Cyrus's favorite name?

emily its my fav too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im mileys sis!!!!

Is Miley and Demi really close friends?

They are friends but not best friends mileys best friend is MandyThey are Bff but Miley is close to mandy. they are Bff because in the pictures they upload.. Milorlenemi (Miley Taylor Selena Demi is a good Bff's)

Emily osment info?

Here is some info on Emily osment. Her name is Emily osment and on Hannah Montana she plays lily trescot (mileys best friend) and lola lovenaingle (Hannah montannas best friend)

Who has a bff named Emily?

Ra-ra and she is the most o-mazing person ever

Miley Cyrus and Emily osment are bffs?

No, Miley Cyrus's BFF is conformed to be Mandy Jiroux =)

How old is Emily Kovalec?

I know her in person Im her BFF and she is turning 12 oct 17th

Hannah Montana bbf?

Hannah Montana's bff is Emily Osment playing as Lily on Hannah Montana

Is Miley Cyrus bff's with Emily osment?

no they are not friends any more because miley has gone bad and nasty.

Who is Emily osments bff in real life?

her best mate is Selina Gomez xxxbyexxx

Does Mona secret Pretty Little Liars?

yes it did scare the liars that Mona was A and was helping out A especially emily because that was her BFF that was playing he he entire time.

Who is mileys really father?

mileys real father is really billy ray cyrus i know this because i am mileys cousin

Who is mileys real daddy?

Mileys real dad is Billy Ray Cyrus. He plays Mileys dad in Hannah Montana.

Can you have mileys msn?

Mileys MSN is

What the names of mileys mom?

mileys moms name is tish