Is England a first world a second world or a third world country?

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It's a first world country
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What is a third world country?

Answer "Third World" is a term whose meaning has changed over the years. Originally, it was a country not part of the Old World--Europe--or the New World--the Americas. Then it was a country that wasn't aligned with NATO or the Warsaw Pact. Now it's a country that's lacking in at least one import ( Full Answer )

Why is Africa a third world country?

Answer . \nAfrica is not a third world country, in fact, it is not a country at all. It is a continent that has many countries in it, not all of which are third world.

Is north America a first second or third world country?

It actually really depends on what you think. if you go to a really rich country then here you may think its a 2nd. But if you go to a 3rd country you may think this is a 1st. but lookin at America it seems like a 2nd.

Why is Indonesia a third world country?

Cause : 1. Corruption 2. Racism 3. Fanatic Religious Muslims 4. Lowest Education 5. Number One Hypocrite 6. Rich and Poor Gap 7. Poverty 8. Ramah Tamah 9. Dirtiest Country 10. Crime rate high 11. Awareness level (health, hygiene) low

Why is it called the third world what are the first and second worlds?

Answer . The "first world" was the "old world," or basically Europe, before the discovery of the Americas. The "second world" was the Americas, discovered by Columbus. The phrase "third world" originally meant the rest of the world not included in the "first" or "second" worlds. Its meaning has c ( Full Answer )

How can third world countries get richer?

Third world countries can get richer by spending more of thenational income on infrastructure projects and technology exchange.Less corruption will also ensure that there is less wastage ofnational resources.

Is Guatemala a third world country?

Yes Guatemala is considered a third world country. Third worldcountries tend to be poorer and less developed than first worldcountries such as the US.

What is the meaning of first second and third world?

The first world, also referred to as the free world, refers to democratic and economically developed countries. It's also frequently known as the West, though it also includes other countries like Australia. . The second world referred to Communist countries.. The third world, also known as the d ( Full Answer )

Is Egypt a third world country?

Indeed it is, even though it is improving quite a bit it still has lots of poor, undeveloped areas. I've been to Egypt many times and there are lots of people who live out in the streets and cannot afford to stay in a good home.

Is Kenya first second or third world country?

There are no official definitions for first, second, or third world countries. The terms originated during the Cold War, but today, "third world" is often used to describe undedeveloped or developing nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, of which Kenya is one, so it most closely fits the conno ( Full Answer )

Is Germany a first second or third world country?

Germany is a first world country, as decided by the United Nations with the Human Development Index or HDI. The HDI of a country is determined by life expectancy, literacy, education, and standards of living. Germany is currently rated 22nd in the world. The best litmus test is in determining inf ( Full Answer )

Is Chile a third world country?

No, chile has the best economy in South America, and has been recognized as a 2nd world country.

Is Korea a third world country?

No. If by Korea you mean South Korea (since 'Korea' normally meansthe South, NOT the North; North Korea is a separate country andit's always referred to as 'North Korea'), the answer is anincredulous "Are you kidding?". Korea is one of the richestcountries in Asia, with a very high standard of livin ( Full Answer )

Is Yemen a first second or third world country?

This is a common misconception that countries fall into a rankingof 1st, 2nd and 3rd "worlds". The expression "Third World" is basedon European bias. On this basis Yemen would be described as part ofthe Third World. This does not alter the fact that Yemen (and manycountries like it) has a distinguis ( Full Answer )

Is Morocco a third-world country?

Morocco is typically considered a developing country (relatively poor) and was part of the third-world during the Cold War. However, it has undergone a lot of development which may lead to it become a more powerful developing country. Just take a look at their Mawazine yearly festival.

Since there are countries known as third world why are they called third world and where would the first and second world be?

Countries known as 'third world' are considered "developing nations" (i.e. Latin Amerca, Africa etc.) 'First world' countries are industrialized or 'advanced' nations (i.e. United States, Western Europe etc.) 'Second world' was a term coined for the U.S.S.R. when in existence, but with it's di ( Full Answer )

Is Libya a third or first world country?

Libya is Third World. *First world countries are developed capitalist countries of the western world and the countries alligned with it such as Japan. *Second world countries are the communist/socialist countries. *Third world countries are the other 1/3rd of the world including rich countrie ( Full Answer )

How do you convert third world countries into first world countries?

A third world economy must have the impediments removed or reduced to build an economy where people can find work for food and shelter. Given a minimum opportunity to improve their lives and their communities, people can and will do the work themselves.

How do third world countries shower?

Technically people in third world countries don't "shower" they bathe. With whatever they can, may it be the stored up water someone has collected specifically for bathing or in a nearby river. You'd do the same if you were in their position.

Is Uruguay a third world country?

No, actually quite the opposite! Uruguay is one of the most economically developed countries in South America, with a high GDP per capita and the 47th highest quality of life in the world. in my research yes it is a 3rd world coutry

Third smallest country in the world?

Nauru - 8.5 square miles For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section ( indicated directly below this answer section.

What does third world or first world country mean?

A 3rd world country is a poor country. it has mostly no food . most children died because of no food. A 1st world country is a rich one . It has more money and more food than 3rd world.

Is Mongolia a third world country?

old:By the Western Standard, Mongolia is considered a third worldcountry. A country with GDP per capita $3000 or less is considereda third world country and Mongolia's is $2000. later: it's 2016 and Mongolia's GDP is now about 10157 USD and economy ison the rise due to mineral based economic develop ( Full Answer )

How can you help third world countries?

Helping developing nations can depend on a number of things. First and foremost, does the country in question even desire aid? As a nation is a collected group of people, generally of similar background and intention forcing aid on a nation which does not desire it can result in the people resenting ( Full Answer )

Is Monaco a third world country?

Yes, in the sense that it is a non-aligned nation, although a defence agreement is in place with France. As far as being Third World in the current sense of the word, however, no.

Is Austria a third world country?

No. Austria is a first world country. First world: modern, developed western nations; second world: modern, developed (former) Soviet bloc nations; third world: everybody else, poor, undeveloped nations.

Is China classified as a first world or third world country?

Post-Cold War, the terms "first world", "second world", and "third world" pretty much mean whatever you want them to mean. China would be a second world country according to almost any currently used definition, however.

Why is India a third world country?

India is like a glass of milk. The frothy part at the top represents the rich people-and there is not a lot of froth. The rest of the milk is everyone else, and many people in India are extremely poor. Those who live in rural areas may not have water to drink because the Ganges river is polluted. Th ( Full Answer )

Is Bosnia a third world country?

In some ways it is yes, when you consider that Croatia and Serbia were also involved in the break up war of Yugoslavia in 1991, those two countries are in far better state cosmetically than Bosnia and Herzegovina. But financially all of former Yugoslavia is a bit of a mess with a high amounts of une ( Full Answer )

Is Malta a third world country?

If we compare Malta to Egypt, Morocco and other african and mideast countries, it's very similar. Then I would say Malta is a third world country with improvements but the country has many problems, schools, roads, hotels, police, environment, laws, etc. For me YES.

Do third world countries have a government?

The term "third world" was originally used to describe countries not aligned with either the Soviet Union/communism or the United States/NATO and was originally used in 1952. Since the Cold War, it has been used to describe developing or under-developed nations. Countries such as North Korea, Cub ( Full Answer )

How do you survive in a third world country?

I live in Honduras and we don't know what's next, if we are getting paid next month (public employees), if there's gonna be a riot or something similar, we have lots of insecurity and we just have to live a day at a time. It's just a matter of knowing to administer well your time, money and possessi ( Full Answer )

Why is nigeria a third world country?

No Nigeria is a developing country. In fact it is the richestcountry in Africa (considering it's recent GDP calculations)

Is Mexico a first second or third world country?

According to political science, it belongs to the 3rd world, as itnever belonged to either NATO forces (1st world) nor the WarsawPact nations (2nd world) during the Cold War. According to economic science, those terms are archaic and nolonger used; Mexico is nowadays considered an Emerging Market ( ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning for third world countries?

The original intent was referring to countries that did not align with either major power bloc during the Cold War. - However, the meaning has now apparently evolved to refer to poorly developed, less industrialised and politically unsophisticated countries.