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Is Englands government past or present?

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Presently England, part of the UK, is a constitutional monarchy ruled by an elected parliament.

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The measures taken by past and present government to right against discipline?

the measures taken by past and present government to right agains discipline

What is Tudor englands government?


Tudor englands government?

a monarchy

What is englands represintive government called?

The Commonwealth

What is the address of Englands government?

England does not have it's own government, it is governed by the UK government.

Present Englands Cricket team captain?

Andrew Strauss.

Is there a past present or future?

There is a past, present, and future. There was a past; there is a present and there will be a future.

What is in the past and present?

what is present past

How were the roman government at present day?

Your question does make sense as you say how were and then you say at present day. You need to refer either entirely to the past or entirely to the present. In the present day there is not a Roman government, apart from the city council. Rome is the capital of Italy and the seat of the Italian government.

How is the US governments like englands?

a good government and nation and people

What was the first type of government in new york?

the type of government is the same as englands government but America has more money then England

Is have past tense or present?

have = present had = past

Is have past or present?

"Have" is present. "Had" is past tense

What is the past and present tense for do?

past: I did, you did, he/she/it did; present: I do, you do, he/she/it/does

What are the present and past forms of to be?

past: I was; you were; he/she/it was present: I am; you are; he/she/it is

What is the Past and present tense for the word be?

Past - was and were. Present - am, is and are.

What is present and past tense of the word were?

Present - am. Past - was and were.

What is the past and present tense of be?

Been (past) and is (present)

What are the present past and past with had words for the word be?

Present tense - am, is and are. Past tense - was and were.

Is leaving present past past participle or present participle?

present participle

What did the federalists support big?

The Federalists were against the Constitution. They wanted their government to be a monarchy -- more like Englands government.

Is the word have a present tense or past tense?

Have is in present tense. Had is past tense. I have a banana. - present I had a banana. - past

What is the present past past participle for sought?

Seek is present tense, and seeking is the present participle. Sought is the past tense and past participle.

What is the present tense present participle past tense and past participle of lead?

Lead is present tense. The present participle is leading. Led is the past tense and past participle.

What is the present past and past participle of study?

Present: I/You/We/They study. He/She/It studies. The present participle is studying. Simple past: studied. Past participle: studied.

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