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Yes, Erin Hunter was already released and it's called 'Twilight'.

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Q: Is Erin Hunter writing a fifth book in the second Warriors Series 'The New Prophecy'?
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Will there be a fourth warriors series?

Yes, Erin Hunter is in the middle of writing the fourth series of warriors, that will be know as Omen of the Stars.

Will Erin Hunter ever stop writing Warriors books?

Maybe not because Warriors is an ongoing series.

What is the second series in the warriors?

The New Prophecy

Is Erin Hunter writing a sixth book in the 'Warriors Power of Three' Series?


Who writes the warriors series?

'The Warriors' series of books are written by Erin Hunter.

What is the second series of warriors?

The second series is called the New Prophecy.

What is the second warriors series called?

The New Prophecy

What books did Erin Hunter write?

Erin Hunter has written, and are still writing the Warriors series, which in 2013 have reached its fifth era, which is about the lives of four clans of cats. They also have written Seekers, a series about bears. But the Warriors series is the series they is most known for. For info in the books, check out

What book did Erin Hunter write after Twilight?

"Sunset"...the sixth book in the Warriors, The New Prophecy series. (new in paperback, October, 2007) Nikki

What company made the series warriors by Erin Hunter?

The warriors series is published by HarperCollins publishers.

Who wrote the Warriors series?

Erin Hunter

Who is the athour of the Warriors series?

erin hunter

Is there a second series of warriors?

Yes, it is called The New Prophecy.

What is Warriors Omen of the Stars?

Warriors: Omen of the Stars, is the title of the fourth series of warriors.

How many books did Erin Hunter write before and after twilight?

There are a lot of books in the Warriors series! The books are divided up into four six-part series, as listed below. A second series about bears titled Seekers is also in the works. Twilight is the fifth book in the third series.WARRIORS (series one)Warriors #1: Into The WildWarriors #2: Fire And IceWarriors #3: Forest of SecretsWarriors #4: Rising StormWarriors #5: A Dangerous PathWarriors #6: The Darkest HourWARRIORS: THE NEW PROPHECY (series two)The New Prophecy #1: MidnightThe New Prophecy #2: MoonriseThe New Prophecy #3: DawnThe New Prophecy #4: StarlightThe New Prophecy #5: TwilightThe New Prophecy #6: SunsetWARRIORS: POWER OF THREE (series three)Power of Three #1: The SightPower of Three #2: Dark RiverPower of Three #3: OutcastPower of Three #4: EclipsePower of Three #5: Long ShadowsPower of Three #6: SunriseWARRIORS: OMEN OF THE STARS (series four)Omen of the Stars #1: The Fourth ApprenticeOmen of the Stars #2: Fading EchoesFor summaries and detailed information on each book go to

What are the book series that Erin Hunter writes?

The warriors book series!

Is there a sequel for the book Bluestar's prophecy?

Yes! Bluestar's prophecy is a book in the Warriors series and is a prequel to Into the Wild.

What is the warriors 4th book?

In the 1st series (Warriors: original) for the fourth book, it is called Rising Storm. The 2nd series (Warriors: The new Prophecy) it is called Starlight. In the 3rd series (Warriors: Power of Three) it is called Eclipse.

When will the last Warriors book come out?

Because we do not know what the last warriors book will be, it is impossible to know when it will come out. Although, if you mean the last book in the Omen of the Stars, that is coming out on April 2nd, 2012. For the series Warriors, the New Prophecy, and Power of Three, those are already out. Erin Hunter has concluded they will make a 5th series

How many 'Warriors' books are in the Erin Hunter series?

currently 39books!

Is there another warriors serines coming out?

here are the warriors books: the first series, the new prophecy series, power of three series, omen of the stars series, manga, and informative books and superedition

What is Erin Hunter known for?

Erin Hunter is known for writing the Warriors book series about feral cats and the Seekers book series about bear cubs. It should be noted that these books are actually written by multiple writers and an editor who work together under the pseudonym "Erin Hunter."

What is the seventh book in the Warriors series?

Well, there is different 'chapters' of books in the Warrior series. First it's Warriors with 6 books, then Warriors: The New Prophecy which has 6 books also. Then there is Warriors: The Power Of Three with 6 books again, Warriors: Omen of The Stars with 3 books, and so on. To answer your question, the 7th book would be Midnight in Warriors: The New Prophecy.

What is the fourth apprentice about?

The Fourth Apprentice is a Warriors series by Erin Hunter, the newest series. It's how Dovekit learns to use her new powers and discovers that she's part of the prophecy. There are new dangers that await Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovepaw.

When is warriors by Erin Hunter coming out?

there are many warriors books out already, a whomping four series, with the fourth series coming to a conclusion soon.