Is Eurovoice music contest any different from Eurovision?

Yes! Eurovision (official name Eurovision Song Contest) is a very old Song Contest whereas Eurovoice (official name Eurovoice European Music Contest) is a 'new' contest. Both are contest that only European (geographically) countries can participate in (The only exception is Israel). The first Eurovoice is taking place in September (23-24) this year with Pamela Anderson (!) being the presenter, in Athens (Other guest stars being Enrique Iglesias, Anastacia, Dima Bilan and Sakis Rouvas). Also, a major difference between the two contests, is the selection of the songs. In Eurovoice the selection is online and anyone can participate,so to enter a song in EuroVoice 2010, contestants need to: 1. register (no charge, mandatory); 2. upload 3-4 photos (no charge, mandatory); 3. provide some profile information about the act (no charge, mandatory); 4. upload an entry song (no charge, mandatory); 5. upload a video of a performance of the entry song; 6. create a fan club; 7. invite friends to join their fan club. 8. provide detailed information about the composer(s) and lyricist(s) of the entry song and, if they are different persons from the contestant, to make sure that they also sign the Contestant Agreement (mandatory) By this you can understand that artists participating in Eurovoice aren't famous. This is a big difference, too. By the way, applicant must ''have reached the age of majority and has the Nationality, or even simple legal resident status in one of the countries that are part of Contest Territory''. This is to say that you have to be a legal citizen over 18 of the country you want to participate with. (I have a question though, everyone who is a citizen of any EU member is a European Citizen too, so if I'm a french citizen (so European too) i can particioate with Germany f.e.?) In Eurovision we have the National Finals then the two Semi-finals and then the Final. In Eurovoice we have the Internet Stage then the JuryStage and finally the Super Final. Another difference is the prize. The prize in Eurovoice is €100,000 and a recording contract with a major multinational record label. And there are things that we don't know about Eurovoice, such us the voting system in the Super Final, or which would be the order of hosting cities (countries) (maybe like in Eurovision) and other things. The only sure is that EEMC is not as popular as ESC is. One difference is the Negative Voting (pretty coul, huh!), too. Finally something weird I saw was that in the Official site there was a Participant Country named Europe (?!) If you would like to learn more on this subject (EEMC) you should visit it's official site and/or the article in Wikipedia.