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IF it has been reported, you might find out by having your local police run the serial number.

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Depends on how good a lawyer you have. It will be federal time in multiple years.

There are two jobs that allow a person to get a semi automatic rifle in "Mafia Wars. " These are Run a Biker Gang Out of Town and Move Stolen Merchandise.

17 years for a handgun but if you sell a stolen rifle or shotgun excluding assault rifles it's a five year minimum up to 12 years

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This depends on the evidence you are seeking. If you are looking for a stolen car then you search differently than if you are looking for stolen coins. Generally you search in any area where your target items may be located. A rifle would not be inside a cigar box, a handgun might.

Dick Hickock was sentenced to 5 years incarceration for the burglary of a home in Johnson County. One of the items stolen was a rifle.

If you contact your local police department, they can tell you. There is a national database from the BATF, but it's only available to law enforcement.

That depends on a few things. What condition the gun is in. If it has been altered. If it has not been redone or stolen. Take this gun to a collector for an appraisal.

No, you cannot activate a stolen Verizon phone that was stolen from the store

Realistically, you can't. It it was stolen and a report was filed, you might get lucky by going to the police.

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it depends on where the are being stolen from. it depends on where the are being stolen from.

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this is a bolt action spring powered airsoft sniper rifle and i highly recommend it as well i had one till it got stolen and i am about to purchase another one asap so i have experience using it.

Any rifle made to be used in a tactical environment is a tactical, any rifle the Marines have is a tactical rifle.

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