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Q: Is FIFA soccer multiplayer for xbox?
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What soccer games are for the original xbox?

fifa 07, fifa street, fifa street 2, sega soccer slam. thats all i have. soccer slam and street 1 are my faves but i like arcade soccer. fifa 07 is solid and has more realism.

Can you get FIFA 2011 on PS2?

Yes FIFA Soccer 11 is available for the PS2, PC, PSP, PS3, Wii, DS, & Xbox 360 and so is FIFA Soccer 12 but with the 3DS

Was FIFA 08 the first FIFA available to buy on ps3 and xbox 360?

Yes in that FIFA Soccer 07 was not made in a PS3 version even if there was one for the Xbox 360 and 7 other platforms

Do any of the Xbox FIFA soccer games include retro players like Pele etc?

Fifa World Cup 2006 ... but not Pele :(

In FIFA Soccer 08 for the PS3 can you have more than 1 player play online multiplayer on 1 PS3?

in fifa soccer 08 for the ps3 you can only have 1 player playing online on 1 ps3 sorry but its the truth

Can You Create A Team In FIFA 11 for Xbox 360?

you can by going on this link and there you can make your team (you need to be on xboxlive )

When did FIFA Soccer Manager happen?

FIFA Soccer Manager happened in 1997.

When was FIFA Soccer Manager created?

FIFA Soccer Manager was created in 1997.

What is the difference between FIFA 10 and FIFA soccer 10?

Nothing. FIFA 10 is called FIFA Soccer 10 in the United States.

Will FIFA 12 be on ps3?

Yes it will be out on September 30 2011 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 under the name FIFA Soccer 12 The PC release date has not been announced

Is Grand Theft Auto 4 multiplayer in xbox?

Yes, GTA IV multiplayer is available for XBOX.

Is there FIFA 2010 for psp?

Yes, there is. But for the PSP i woudn't buy it. I would buy PES: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. It's a lot better then Fifa 2010. But it hasn't online Multiplayer. Hope this helps

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