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Right now, there is not any wars in Finland, but from year 2002 the Finnish people have joined the war in Afghanistan.
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How was Finland involved in World War 2?

Answer . \nFinland was an early victim of the massive Soviet aggression that preceded the major combat operations of WWII. Like just about every other nation that had geographical contact with Russia, Finland was attacked and bludgeoned into submission. As with other Soviet aggressions, this wa ( Full Answer )

Did Britain ever attack Finland in World War 2?

Answer from Finland . British planes made couple of raids against Petsamo and its harbour Liinahamari (Barents Sea) in July 1941. Attacks were mainly against German troops in the area. Petsamo had nickelmine which was important for Germans. Petsamo was in Finland during WWII but were taken by Rus ( Full Answer )

Was Finland occupied during World War 2?

No: fighting the Soviet Union twice during WW II, Finland lostabout 93,000 soldiers but retained her independence. Yes, when Hitler and Stalin came to an agreement in 1939 on how todivide Eastern Europe, it was agreed that the Soviet Union wouldenter negotiations with Finland for concessions. Finlan ( Full Answer )

Was Finland involved in World War 1?

part of Finland in ww1 Though autonomic, during WW1 Finland was still part of Russia, and finnish army was part of the Russian army. After revolution in October 1917 Finland wanted to become independent, and it was even approved by Lenin, because he thought it would make revolution Finland easier. ( Full Answer )

Where is Finland?

Finland locates in northern Europe, Scandinavia, next to Sweden and Russia. In Northern Europe, Fennoscandia, between Sweden and Russia and north of Estonia.

Who was the leader of Finland in the World War 2?

Presidents: Kyösti Kallio (March 1, 1937 - November 27, 1940), Risto Ryti (19 December 1940 - 4 August 1944) Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (4 August 1944 - 4 March 1946)

Was Finland an Ally in world war 1?

Finland was not participating WW 1. Finland was part of Russia ( Grand Dutchy of Finland) enjoying wide autonomy during first years of WW 1. Finland was declared independent in 1917. Finland was not spared from turmoil though. There was a civil war in spring 1918 in which 35 000-45 000 finns were k ( Full Answer )

Did Germany invade Finland during World War 2?

During World War II, Germany did not invade Finland. As practicalallies for much of the war, the two nations nevertheless foughtagainst each other in 1944 and 1945 -- mostly in minor skirmishesin the far north area of Finland. This conflict arose after Finlandhad signed a separate peace with the Sov ( Full Answer )

When did the Nazis leave Finland in World War 2?

Finland was not occpied by Axis-states nor was a member of Axis-states. Finland fought a separate war against Russia in two occasions first 1939-1940 and 1941-1944. First Russia attacked Finland in November 1939. This 'Winterwar' ended after 105 days of fighting when Germany (Hermann Göring) conv ( Full Answer )

Why did Finland got involved in world war 2?

Finland became involved in World War Two on the side of the Axis powers when invaded by the Soviet Union on November 30, 1939 as a result of the same treaty in which Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were divided between the Soviets and the Third Reich and Bessarabia was given to the Soviets. Th ( Full Answer )

What is russo-Finland war?

This is also known as the Winter War, since it was fought in winter (1939-1940). The Soviet Union attacked Finland to take it over, but Finland fought back hard enough that they decided to leave them alone, although some land was lost. Finland lost 20,000, but the Russians over 200,000, one of the r ( Full Answer )

What is Finland?

It is one of Europe's northernmost countries, and also one of Europe's largest producers of wood and timber. There are many famous things from Finland like, angry birds, nokia, the sauna, sunrise avenue, HIM, kimi räikkönen, teemu selänne and many other famous bands, athletes etc.

What was the war between Finland and the Soviet Union called?

There were two wars between Finland and the Soviet Union which can be considered to be a part of World War 2. Winterwar ( Зимняя война in russian.) was fought in 1939-1940 and the Continuation War ( Советско-финская ( Full Answer )

What leader ruled Finland in world war 2?

At early war president was Kyösti Kallio. He died in 1941. Next president was Risto Ryti. He left the office in 1944. Carl Gustav Mannerheim succeeded him and was the president to the end of war.

Was Finland pro-German in World War 2?

During the Continuation War,Finland was co-belligerant with Nazi Germany because they depended on the German food,fuel and armament ships.During WW2,they were both against the Soviet Union,but Finland stayed outside of German command.However,they still sided with Germany until the Lapland War in 194 ( Full Answer )

Why was Finland Germany's ally in World War 2?

On the contrary, American pilots flew planes like the F2A Buffalo under the Finnish flag all through the Second World War. Germany's only two Allies were Italy, and Japan.

What side was Finland on in World War 2?

Finland acctually didn't want to participate in the world war but Russia attacked Finland because they needed the land for their own support so that they could have attacked some other countries in Europe. They thought it would take about a week to take over the whole Finland but they didnt accompli ( Full Answer )

What caused the winter war against Russia and Finland?

The question and answer needs qualification as to dates. Here'swhy; Stalin's deal with Hitler via the Soviet -German Non Aggression acthad secret clauses. Some of which of course divided up Polandbetween Germany & the Soviet Union. Also, the pact gave Stalina free hand to invade Estonia, Bessarabia ( Full Answer )

Why is Finland?

Why not? I assume you mean "Why does Finland exist?," or, "How did Finland form?" Finland was formed by the Treaty of Versailes, which ended World War One. EDIT: No, Finland wasn't formed by the Treaty of Versailles. Finland is an older nation which has been under the Swedish empire and later the ( Full Answer )

Was Finland neutral during World War 2?

In short: Finland first fought a small war alone, then another as an axis country, and finally one as an allied country. Finland was invaded by the Soviet Union in November 1939. The hostilities lasted until March 1940, when the two countries signed a peace treaty. Finland ceded about 10% of its ( Full Answer )

Who is Finland?

I am sorry to inform you that Finland is not a person, rather Finland is a Country located in nothern Europe between Russia and Sweden. Current president of Finland is Tarja Halonen.

Did Finland lose in World War 2?

No, Finland succeed where many failed. They fought the Soviets and Germans off their land and kept their independence throughout the war with relatively minor losses.

Was Finland involved with world war 2?

Yes. Before Germany attacked Russia, Hitler and Stalin were partners for two years. This was the time after Germany and Russia signed a "non-aggression pact", to clear the way to invade Poland, which both did in September 1939. The Soviet Union then attacked Finland, in what was called the "Winter W ( Full Answer )

How can you get to Finland?

You can get to Finland with a ferry from Tallinn, Stockholm or StPetersburg, take a plane to Helsinki or Rovaniemi, or via road fromRussia, Sweden or Norway.

Did Australia fight against the Finland in World War 2?

Yes and no. As part of the British Commonwealth, Australia fought against Germany and Italy. Germany and Finland essentially aligned themselves to oppose a common foe-the Soviet Union. During the early stages of WWII, Britain actually gave aid to Finland in defense of attacks by the Soviet Union on ( Full Answer )

What battles did Finland participate in World War 2?

Finland fought the Soviet Union in the 'Winter War', which started in 1939 and ended when the Moscow Peace Treaty was signed in 1940. Finland ceded Karelia to the Soviets. In World War Two, Finland fought against Russia but was an unofficial member of the Axis Powers. The Soviets conquered Finland o ( Full Answer )

Did Hitler control Finland in World War 2?

Finland technically fought on the Germans side during World War 2. Not because it was an evil country either. Because of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, Hitler had told Stalin he could invade certain countries (the Baltic States, Moldova, Finland and Eastern Poland) without German interference. Stalin ( Full Answer )

Was Finland occupid during World War 2?

No. The Finns were an Axis ally. They had fought the 'Winter War' in 1940 against the invading Soviet army and had eventually been forced to surrender various territories after heroic resistance. They supported the German invasion of Russia in 1941 because they were anti-Russian rather than pro-Germ ( Full Answer )

What was Finland in World War 2 Axis Neutral or Allies?

they were against the USSR. So, when the USSR was with Germany, then Finland was on its own, then when the USSR was against Germany, Finland allied with Germany. Then when Finland surrendered to the USSR for a second time, Finland had to declare war on Germany.

Were there people in Finland during World War 2?

Yes, they were aligned with the Axis Powers (Germany) but fought alone against the Soviet Union while remaining a democracy. See the link below for more information:

Why did finland enter World War 2?

Because Russia invaded Finland, and then Germany invaded Russia (Soviet Union) so the Finnish wanted revenge so entered the war on Germany's side

Did Finland chossse to join the world war 2?

Not at first, because the Soviet Union attacked Finland. That Winter War 1939-1940 was over, however Finland did decide to join Hitler in his attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941.

How do you get to Finland?

Depends where you are. Usually a plane might help the process of getting to a new country.

Why was there war between Soviet Union and Finland?

The Soviet Union wanted to secure bases in Finland so they would be able to defend their own country in case of a Nazi invasion. Also, Finland was a known supporter of the Axis powers.

Has there ever been a war in Finland?

Finland has been part of many wars. In the many disputes between Sweden and Russia, Finland was usually the battleground. Later, in WW2 Finland itself was attacked and foughtRussia

Who was the leader in Finland during World War TWo?

Finland actually had three different presidents during the WW2. The first was Kyösti Kallio, who was the president years 1937-1940. The second was Risto Ryti, 1940-1944, and the third was Gustaf Mannerheim, 1944-1946. Mannerheim is perhaps the most famous of them, having been a general of the Fin ( Full Answer )

Was Finland an Ally in World War 2?

Not exactly, but Finland was a special case. Finland had once been a part of Russia and had only been an independent nation for a relatively short time, historically speaking - a few generations. The border between Finland and the Soviet Union (Russia) was not very far from Leningrad (St Petersburg) ( Full Answer )

Did Finland pay its ww1 war debt to us?

Finland did not exist as an independent nation until December 6,1917, when it declared its independence from Russia, and a CivilWar immediately began over that issue. Finland owed no WWI wardebt.

Is Finland axis or allies or neutral of world war 2?

Finland fought on the side of the axis powers(allied with germany)against the Soviet Union.They did this to regain the territory thatthey lost to the Soviets during there invasion of Finland in1939.Finland supplied a all volinteer division to the German SSduring the German invasion of the Soviet Uni ( Full Answer )

Was Finland controlled by Germans during World War 2?

Finland was an ally of Nazi Germany, but it was a special case, the Allies understood the position the Finns were in and did not hold it against them. Finland had not been an independent nation all that long, having been for centuries a province of Russia. Hitler and Stalin agreed to a "Non-Aggressi ( Full Answer )

On what side did Finland fight in World War 2?

Finland was not officially a member of the Axis alliance (Germany,Italy, Japan, and a few others), but did fight as a"co-belligerent" on the Axis side. Around the time World War II began, Finland was attacked by theSoviet Union; the Soviets won the short but brutal war. WhenGermany invaded the Sovi ( Full Answer )

What wars was Finland a part of?

In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, which triggered the start of WorldWar II. While France and England were focused on fighting Germany(and ironically did very little actual fighting until May 1940),the Soviet Union began quietly invading countries in eastern Europewith Germany's permission. One of the ( Full Answer )