Is France still divided into departments?

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Départements, yes. Départements are segments of Régions, and are themselves divided into Arrondissements, the Arrondissements into Cantons and the Cantons into Communes.

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Q: Is France still divided into departments?
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How is France divided into smaller political units?

French "states" are called Departments.

How many departments in Honduras divided into?

it is divided into 18 different departments.

What are the provinces states and regions of France?

Provinces were abolished at the Revolution. France is a single State. The country is divided into Regions, which are divided into Départements,which are divided into Arrondissements,which are divided into Sous-Préfectures,which are divided into Cantons,which are divided into Communes. For a list of Regions and Départements, see

How many departments are they in France?

there are 96 mainland departments and 5 oversea departments.

Executive departments are divided into what?

The executive departments are divided into the cabinet departments. These include health and human services, education, transportation, defense, and several others.

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How many departments is Honduras divided into?


What word means a government divided into departments?

A bureaucracy

What are the executive departments divided into?

la la la

How is France divided?

France is divided up by 22 regions

Are the overseas departments of France part of the EU?

Yes they are.

How mant districts are there in Paris?

The city of Paris is divided into 20 'arrondissements'. These 'arrondissements are divided into 101 'departments'

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