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The author Franklin W. Dixon is not known to be a Christian author, as the pen name is actually used by multiple ghostwriters for the popular Hardy Boys series. The focus of the series tends to be on mysteries and adventures rather than religious themes.

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Q: Is Franklin w Dixon a Christian author?
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When was Franklin W. Dixon created?

Franklin W. Dixon was created in 1927.

The Melted Coins summary by Franklin W Dixon?

the melted coins summary by franklin w. dixon

Where was Franklin w Dixon born?

Franklin W. Dixon was a pen name. The first owner was Leslie McFarland.

What does the W stand for in Franklin W. Dixon?

The "W" in Franklin W. Dixon stands for Wirt. Franklin W. Dixon is the pen name used by multiple authors for the Hardy Boys series of detective novels.

When is Franklin W Dixon Birthday?

in july 11

Who is the auhtor of the Hardy Boys series?

Franklin w. Dixon.

What was the hardy boys pen name?

Franklin W. Dixon

Is Franklin W Dixon still alive?

Franklin W. Dixon is a pseudonym used by multiple authors for the Hardy Boys book series. The original author, Leslie McFarlane, passed away in 1977. Other writers have since taken on the pseudonym to continue writing new books for the series.

What is the authour of hardy boys?

Franklin W. Dixon was the pen name of the author of the Hardy Boys, however his true identity I am unsure of.

When was Franklin W Dixon born?

Franklin W. Dixon was a pseudonym used by multiple authors for the popular Hardy Boys book series. The name was created in 1927 by Edward Stratemeyer's Stratemeyer Syndicate.

How old is Franklin w dixon?

The name Franklin Dixon is fictonial. Different writers were used to produce the Hardy Boys series & the publishers sold them under the "nom de plume" pen name of Franklin Dixon.

Who use the pen name Franklin W Dixon?

Leslie McFarlane