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Probably, he is one of the series' most poular characters after all.

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What episode does Gaara come back to life?

Shippuden 31 or 32. ^^

Does Gaara come back to life?

yes! Grandma Chyio gives her life in a rencarnation jutsu, to bring gaara back to life. (thank goodness) By Grandma Chyio somewhere at the end of ep 30

Does Gaara beat Sasuke?

gaara was going to sasuke but naruto came in and stopped him. naruto fought gaara and beat him.

Will dosu come back to life?

uh........... dude................ how the hell will he come back to life? Gaara crushed him and his body is like......... in a million pieces so get over him.

When does Gaara come back after the chunin exams?

He shows up again in episode 124 and in chapter 212

When will Gaara come back in naruto Shippuden?

episode 132 when team kakashi finish their third mission

Does Gaara get the Shukaku back?


When does Gaara come back?

Gaara comes back after Naruto and his team find him and "defeat" Dedara (the "girl") Chio and Sakura try to heal him, but it is too late and his sou has nearly left his body. Chio begins a forbid-en jutsu to bring gaara back. Naruto gives his chakra to Chio as she has very litle left and is dieing herself. Gaara is resrected and the Sand village's shinobi are there to greet him. Chio dies in the end and Gaara is proclamed a hero and now has hundreds who love him. Courtesy of the greatest Gaara fan ever!!!

What did deidara did with Gaara after the between them in Naruto Shippuden?

gaara dies but comes back to life thanks to elder chiyo (she gives up her life to bring gaara back to life)

When does Gaara come in and save lee?

Gaara saves Lee from Kimimaru in episode 129.

Will Gaara said his feelings to Hinata?

NO gaara and hinata have not even met there is no love between them the girl who loves gaara and gaara loves back is a student you see him teach in naruto

Does Gaara die?

Yes, Gaara does die in Naruto Shippuden; though Gaara was brought back to life by Granny Chio giving her life to Gaara. She runs out of chakra, but Naruto gives some to her to complete the jutsu to bring Gaara back.And then somewhere in Naruto Shippuden Granny Chio dies.

Does Naruto get Gaara back?

Gaara dies because he gets the Shakaku extacted from him by the Akatsuki but Chiyo used a healing jutsu and sacrificed her life to save Gaara. Naruto brings him back to the sand village so yes he does get him back.

Dose Gaara get shukaku back?

No.oh really than how the hell he can make sand with out shukaku later in the show >__> yes he got it back when he did come back alive

Did Gaara got killed?

gaara survives thanks to grany chochi she gave her live so he comes back

What happen to garaa?

When the biju was taken out from Gaara, Gaara died but Grand Chiyo sacrificed her life to bring Gaara back to life using some kind of a technique of Chiyo. Gaara was still the Kazekage of Sand Country.

Is jbl going back to wwe?

No he will not come back.

Is rukia from bleach ever going to come back?

Yes, She does come back XD

When are the troops going to come back?

Stacey will come back on the 10th of January and every else will come back on the 23rd of march

Does Gaara get his bijuu back?

Nope. Once Shukaku was extracted he gets trapped in the statue. Gaara dies but Chiyou baa-sama brings him back to life at the cost of hers.

Where is Gaara headband?

Gaara's Headband is stitched to his shirt, I know he doesn't like wearing it on his head, but he's Gaara, who's going to tell him???

Does Gaara love his fan girls?

Gaara doesn't care about anyone except his siblings and friends, he is most likely not going to find love

Does Gaara get his Jinjuriki back?

garra doesnt get his jinjuriki back, it was extracted from him by the ataksuki, he died, and sasoris grandmaw brought him back to lifeNO HE DOESN'T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he doesn't get it back. at the world meeting of kages thingy gaara says that he is a former jinjuriki.

Does Gaara die later in the show Naruto?

gaara does die but he is brought back alive when the old lady chiyo sacrificed her life for his

Does Gaara get his demon back after he died?

Gaara does not get his demon back after he is dead and then resurrected. -i think gaara does get the shukaku (or however you spell it) back. because he can still use the sand power that only the shukaku uses. and at the end of the first season of shippuden, gaara's saying thank you and stuff and gaara has his sand make naruto shake gaara's hand (cause it was an akward goodbye). so yes.