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Is George Lopez kin to Mario Lopez?

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no George Lopez is noy related to Mario Lopez

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Are Mario Lopez and George Lopez related?

No. They are not related. Mario Lopez is the son of Mario Lopez Sr.

Is George Lopez Mario Lopez's dad?

George Lopez is NOT Mario Lopez's father.

Is Mario Lopez related to George Lopez?

well yes its true search itNo.

Is Mario Lopez George Lopez cousin?

that is completely not true. they have no relationship. Lopez is a common name you idiots!

How are george and Mario Lopez related?

They are not related in any way.

What is Mario Lopez heritage?

Mario Lopez has hispanic heritage in him Mario Lopez rox

Is Jennifer Lopez rerlated Mario Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez is not related to Mario Lopez.

Are George and Mario Lopez related?

Yes because they r both mexcian

What nationality is Mario Lopez?

Mario Lopez is American.

Was Mario Lopez in menudo?

was mario lopez ever in menudo

Does George Lopez have siblings?

no he has no sibings he has a a sistre that was adopted. Of course, this goes without saying but...you forgot about his baby brother, Mario Lopez, and his twin sister, Jennifer Lopez. And all the other Lopez children of the world.

Where is George Lopez origin?

George Lopez is from Mexico

What is the fathers name of Mario Lopez?

Goerge Lopez is Mario Lopez's father

Where was Mario Lopez born?

Mario Lopez was born in San Diego, California.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Mario Lopez related?

Correct AnswersNo. Lopez is a very much common name. Puerto Rican is Jennifer Lopez, and Mexican is Mario Lopez.

Are Jennifer Lopez and George Lopez related?

No. Lopez is a common name. Jennifer Lopez is Puerto Rican and George Lopez is Mexican.

Is George Lopez cool?

Yes George Lopez is cool

Is George Lopez Puerto Rican?

George Lopez is Mexican.

Who created the George Lopez Show?

Robert Borden, Bruce Helford, and George Lopez created the George Lopez Show.

What contributions was made by Mario Lopez?

The contributions that Mario Lopez made was being the best he can be.....

Did Mario Lopez win dancing with stars?

mario lopez did not win dancing with the stars

Is Mario Lopez in love with Ricky Martin?

No. Mario Lopez is heterosexual and married to a woman.

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