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Q: Is Gloria Cain in a black sorority?
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How old is Herman Cain's wife Gloria Cain?


Who did Herman Cain marry?

Herman Cain married to Gloria Etchison in June 23, 1968

When did Herman Cain get married?

Herman Cain married to Gloria Etchison in June 23, 1968

Is Herman Cain married?

Yes, Herman Cain married to Gloria Etchison in June 23, 1968

Was Cain black in the Bible?

The bible does not say that Cain was black.

Which sorority is the oldest black sorority in history?

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. founded Wednesday, January 15th, 1908.

What has the author Alexander Cain written?

Alexander Cain has written: 'Beneath the black mountain'

What ethnicity is Herman Cain's wife?

Hermin Cain's wife is white Actually, Herman Cain's wife is African American. Her name is Gloria Cain. She is a native of Atlanta, GA. She graduated from Morris Brown College in 1968. The Cains have been married for 43 years have have two grown children.

Who was the first Black Eve of the Bible?

It is possible that one of Cain's daughters was a black Eve, that is of course if such a daughter was named Eve. As Cain was cursed with a darkskin there is that possibility that such a daughter was so named after Cain's mother.

Who were famous black people in the bible?


What chapter of the Bible says that Cain was black?

A:The Bible never describes Cain as black. However, white supremists have identified the 'mark of Cain' (Genesis 4:15) as referring to him as black. Yet the same white supremists accept the biblical Flood story as literally true, meaning that modern black people would have to be descended from Noah, not from Cain.

What black men who may have ran for president?

heman cain