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Yes. It is Republic of Korea national treasure number 86.


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Yes She was in National Treasure

how can i get the National Treasure the book of secrets

National Treasure was released on 11/19/2004.

The Production Budget for National Treasure was $100,000,000.

The duration of National Treasure - film - is 2.18 hours.

1.National Treasure (2004)2.National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)

The main character who looks for the treasure in national treasure is ben gates (character name.) His real name is Nicholas cage.

"National Treasure" is the name of the show! How WEIRD!!!!

national treasure 2 defo its brilliant

National Treasure grossed $347,405,002 worldwide.

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A few include 'National Treasure', and 'National Treasure: Book of Secrets'.

National Treasure 2 comes out on DVD on May 20th.

The National Treasure movies are fiction, so no.

National Treasure grossed $173,005,002 in the domestic market.

The costume designer for "National Treasure" was Judianna Makovsky.

Jason Earles plays Thomas Gates in the movie, "National Treasure".

National Treasure - film - was created on 2004-11-19.

I'm pretty sure I heard that the 3rd National Treasure will come out in 2011. It's most likely going to be about what was on page 47...which was how they ended the 2nd National treasure.

In 2004's National Treasure, the character of Ben Gates was played by Nicolas Cage. The role was later reprised in 2007's National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

Was there really a national treasure and a secret order that protects it or was it just a movie?

Trevor Rabin composed the score for both National Treasure movies.

national treasure 1 and national treasure 2 book of secrets will be released to blu ray disc on may 20th, 2008 tuesday.

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