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H3O is the positive ion of water, therefore, it is acidic.

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What are the relative numbers of H3O and OH- ions in an acidic an alkaline and a neutral solution?

Neutral- Equal Alkaline- More OH than H30 Acidic- The h30 is greater than the oh

What is the concentration of H30 ions in a 01 M aqueous solution of sulfuric acid?

h30 is what comes after h20 ----

How do you Work out pH of a solution?

Depends if you have a Hydroxide [OH^-] or a Hydronium [H3O^+] solution.The Ph of an acid or base is determined by the concentration of the Hydronium [H30^+]. So just find out [H30^+], then use the equation "-log10[H30^+]. Should be between 1-14.7= neutral. lower than 7 = acid. higher than 7= base.If you have a hydroxide to begin with. Ie. NaOH. Then you will have the concentration for the OH, which is = to NaOH. If you get something like Ca(OH)2 then you just multiply your concentration of Ca(OH)2 by 2 to get (concentration)[OH^-].Then use the equation 10^14M/ [OH^-] to find out [H30^+].Once you have the [H30^+] just use the -log10[H30^+]

What scale is a measure of the concentration oh h30 ions in a given solution?


What solution is neutral?

A neutral solution is a solution that is neither acidic or is a solution that its PH level is 7(neutral)

Give an example of a neutral solution?

A neutral solution is a solution that has a pH level of seven. Pure water is an example of a neutral solution.

What does a neutral solution have?

Neutral in what sense? Guessing pH a neutral solution has a pH of 7.

What is the pH neutral solution?

The PH neutral solution in sciences is 7 and neutral is green.

Is a neutral solution a acid or a base?

A neutral solution is true neutral with a pH of 7,00.

When would a solution be neutral?

A solution is neutral when it has a pH of 7.

Is milk a common neutral solution?

No milk is not a neutral solution

What is a example of a neutral solution?

Ultrapure water is a neutral solution.

A neutral solution has an equal number of what?

A neutral solution has an equal number or concentration of hydrogen and hydroxide ions. A neutral solution is one that has a pH of 7.0. Pure water is a neutral solution.

Is sugar dissolved in water a neutral solution?

Yes, this solution is neutral.

What is a exemple of a neutral solution?

Sodium chloride solution in water is neutral.

Is NaNO3 acidic neutral or basis?

Sodium nitrate is neutral in water solution..

What number is pH neutral solution?

A neutral pH solution is pH 7.

Determine the hydronium ion concentration M of an acid solution with a pH of 6?

Ph=-log(H30+ concentration) so, 6=-Log([H30+]) can be rewritten as, 10-6. Hydronium ion concentration = 0.000001 or 1E-6

What pH value indicates a neutral solution?

The pH value for neutral solution is 7.0

Can iodine be released in neutral solution by iodate?

can iodine be released in neutral solution by iodate?

When is a neutral solution made?

A Neutral solution is made when an acid and an alkali are added together.

What 2 things make an neutral solution?

A base and an acid can form a neutral solution.

What do you mix with acid to get a neutral solution?

Acids need an alkil to become a neutral solution.

Is NaCl and H2O a neutral solution?

Yes, salt and water forms a neutral solution.

What is is pH of a neutral solution?

At 25 degrees C, the pH of a neutral solution is 7.0

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