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Is HBr an acid?

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Yes, it is a strong acid.

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Is HBr acid?

HBr is hydrobromic acid, and a strong acid.

What is HBr acid?

HBr is called hydrobromic acid.

What is HBr acid name?

HBr is hydrobromic acid.

Is HBr a strong acid or weak acid?

HBr is a strong acid.

Is hydrobromic acid a weak acid?

No. HBr is a strong acid.

Is HBr a strong acid or a strong base?

HBr is hydrobromic acid, a strong acid.

Is HBr a triprotic acid?

No, HBr is monoprotic.

Is HBr and NaBr a buffer?

No, because HBr is a strong acid and NaBr a neutral salt.

If HBr is a weak base?

No. HBr is a strong acid.

Is HBr an ionic covalent or acid?

HBr can refer to hydrogen bromide, the covalent molecule and hydrobromic acid which is HBr dissolved i water.

What is the name for HBr?

HBr is hydrogen bromide (or hydrobromic acid).

What is the formula for hydrobromic acid?

HBrThe formula for hydrobromic acid is HBr, but in the absence of water this compound should properly be called hydrogen bromide rather than hydrobromic acid.

What is the name of HBr acid?

Hydrobromic Acid

What is the acid in HBr?

Hydrogen Bromine Acid

Is the compound HBr a salt?

HBr is the chemical formula of hydrobromic acid.

Is HBr a polar or non polar molecule?

HBr is a polar molecule

What is the covalent name for HBr?

HBr is an ionic compound, specifically an acid, with the name hydrobromic acid. It is not a covalent molecule.

What is the acid and what is the base in the reaction HBr H2O - Br- H2O?

acid is hbr and the base is h2o

Is HBr a base acid or salt?

HBr is an acid. It gives hydroxonium ions and bromide ions when dissolving in water.

Which name identifies the acid HBr?

hydrobromic acid

What is the hydrobromic acid formula?

hydrobromic acid is HBr

How many moles are in 135 g of hydrobromic acid?

In the English language hydrobromic acid is the solution of HBr in water; the name of the acid HBr is hydrogen bromide. 135 g HBr are equivalent to 1,67 moles.

What is the empircal formula for hydrobromic acid?

HBr is a gas which when dissolved in water produces Hydrobromic acid. So hydrobromic acid is generally written as HBr but it is actually HBr(aq). It is sometimes also written as H3O+ Br-

What is HBr in water?

hydrobromic acid

What is HBr aq?

Hydrobromic Acid

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