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No, HVAC certification is not the same from state to state. Most HVAC certification is granted on a local basis and each state has different requirement for obtaining it.

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Q: Is HVAC certification the same from state to state?
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What is the quickest way to get an HVAC certification?

You can find HVAC certification requirements at You can also get information about the training and classes at Requirements can vary by state.

Where can you go online to get your hvac certification?

There are a few places you can get an online hvac certification. The most reliable would be the gatlineducation website. Once on this site you will need to select the hvac certification tab.

Where can one get certification to apply for HVAC jobs?

There are several places in order for one to get certification to apply for HVAC jobs. However, most of people try to get a certification from a university before applying for HVAC jobs.

How can I obtain an HVAC certification in Wisconsin?

There are many HVAC training schools in the Wisconsin area that you can attend. Once you have completed the course you will be able to obtain HVAC certification.

Are there any specific requirements that need to be met to obtain a hvac certification?

To obtain your hvac certification you first go to any online or campus that has the hvac program. The school has to be accreditied. Once you have your certification you can start practiceing.

Are there any online courses to get HVAC certification?

Yes, you can take the course for HVAC installation online. Check out for everything you need to know in order to get your HVAC certification.

Where can I get a good HVAC certification?

There are many different HVAC certification courses offered online. One free course you might try can be found at You could also try looking for a special green HVAC certification.

How long does it take for you to get qualified for HVAC?

To qualify, you may need to attend hvac workshops and training which provide you with professional certification. There are a few HVAC institutions that may help you to obtain the above certification.

What is one way to earn a HVAC certification?

One way to earn a HVAC certification is by going to school and completing the courses. There are many schools out there such as Lincoln Tech and DeVry that offer certifications in HVAC.

What certifications does an HVAC specialist need?

First and foremost, they require EPA refrigeration certification. There may also be state and local licenses and certifications that would vary from place to place. But EPA certification is on a Federal level and if you work with refrigerants, you MUST have this certification. [From HVAC-Talk and Environmental Protection Agency]

Is an EMT certification the same from state to state?

In fact, EMT certification is not the same from state to state. Some states have their own certification process and only recognize EMT's that have their certification. Other states participate in a national EMT registry.

Where can I get HVAC certification in Wichita, KS?

Wichita Technical Institute (WTI) is well experienced in providing HVAC certification in Wichita. It has been in this field since 1952

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