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Q: Is Haley bassett pregnant
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Who is pregnant on one tree hill?

Rachel does get pregnant and Lucas' mom does also, And Haley gets pregnant rachel does not get pregnant but lucas mom n Haley n then Peyton n now Haley again

Is Haley Bennett Pregnant?


What episode in One Tree Hill does Haley get pregnant?

she gets pregnant on season 3

One Tree Hill- does Haley have any children with Nathan?

Haley and Nathan Have a Son Named James(Jamie) Lucas Scott and Haley is currently pregnant with her daughter named Lydia.

Will Nathan and Haley Scott ever have a baby girl in season 7?

Haley is pregnant in season 8 no word yet on the gender

Does Haley get pregnant in season 7 One Tree Hill?

Haley thinks she's pregnant but when we see her looking at a pregnancy stick we later find out she isn't pregnant but then in the last episode of season 7 she starts crying and Nathan asks her if she's ok. she says they are tears of joy. Nathan says yeah let's do smiles for happiness and Haley says "I'm pregnant and i think it's a girl and they are both over the moon. yay!!!

Are Nathan and Haley still married?

Yes they are still married. Because they never handed the divorce papers in, and they are still together in Season 8 and Haley is pregnant again.

Where is the Bassett Branch in Bassett located?

The address of the Bassett Branch is: 3969 Fairystone Park Highway, Bassett, 24055 6041

What is the birth name of Angela Bassett?

Angela Bassett's birth name is Angela Evelyn Bassett.

What is the birth name of Kent Bassett?

Kent Bassett's birth name is Robert Kent Bassett.

What is the birth name of Tarn Bassett?

Tarn Bassett's birth name is Tara G. Bassett.

Is Angela Bassett single?

No, Angela Bassett is not single.

How many children does Haley Scott have in One Tree Hill?

She has one but is pregnant with her second child. The actress is pregnant in real life but doesn't have any other children.

What is the phone number of the Bassett Branch in Bassett?

The phone number of the Bassett Branch is: 276-629-2426.

When was Bassett's created?

Bassett's was created in 1842.

Who is Richard Bassett?

He is the brother of Cadbury Trebor Bassett. Cadbury Trebor Bassett invent Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate.

Does Angela Bassett have children?

Yes, Angela Bassett has 2 kids.

How many kids does Angela Bassett have?

Angela Bassett has 2 children

How many children does Angela Bassett have?

Angela Bassett has 2 children

When is Angela Bassett's birthday?

Angela Bassett was born on August 16, 1958

When was Angela Bassett born?

Angela Bassett was born on August 16, 1958

- How do ginea pigs look when their pregnant?

Ginea pigs look as if they ate to much you may think that but they just might be pregnant!! I think my ginea pig is pregnant shes a girl and her names spice and the boy she mated with is Elvis. My names Haley and im 11 yrs old i love to draw and write and sing!! So just remember what i said. Ask me questions at to find more information!! sincelery, Haley

When was Bassett Furnituremakers created?

Bassett Furnituremakers was created in 1935.

When was Bassett Furniture created?

Bassett Furniture was created in 1902.

What is Angela Bassett's occupation?

Angela Bassett is a/an Actress, director, producer, activist