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Is Hannah Montana going off the air?

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She says goodbye on March 7 and March 14.

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Is Hannah Montana going off of the air?

Hannah Montana maybe going off of the air after the season finale on January 16,2011. So enjoy it while you can!

When is Hannah Montana going off the air?

Hannah Montana will be going off the air next spring. Season 3 is now running though, so enjoy it while you can! - End of season 4

When is Hannah Montana going off air?

im' pretty sure its going to be in February 2010

Is Hanna Montana going off the air?

Hannah Montana is going to stop showing on Disney channel next year. (2011)

Is Hannah Montana going off air when her movie comes out?

No, because Hannah Montana The Movie was made in 2008 and the hit TV show is still going on strong. Unfortunately, Hannah Montana Forever Season Finale was on January 16,2011 and that was the last episode. Maybe the show will go off the air in a few months or so, but it didn't go off the air when the movie came out.

Who is the boy off of Hannah Montana going to get this?

His name is Iyaz

Is the is Disney channel show Hannah Montana going off the air?

yes, the last episode includes miley deciding to go back to Tennessee and leave behind her alter ego Hannah Montana

How long has Hannah Montana been off air?

7 years

Is Hannah Montana gone?

The show has been off the air for a long time.

Is the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana going off the air?

Maybe, this new season of Hannah Montana might be the last. *Gasp* It can't be!!!!!!!! It's only been on for about 3 years!!! well i hope not i LOVE the show

Who is your favorite character off of Hannah Montana and why?

Hannah Montana, she's sexbomb

What will happen to the Hannah Montana franchise?

Hannah Montana is not with Disney anymore. She got kicked off.

What was kylies favorite song off of Hannah Montana?

kylie's favourite song off of Hannah Montana is ...................................................................................................................

How much has Disney made off Hannah Montana?

Millions probably billions They have all types of Hannah Montana merchandise. Even Hannah Montana wrapping paper

Did miley reveal her secret as Hannah Montana in the series Hannah Montana?

Yes on a Interview Show on the last episode of Hannah Montana forever then she sang a song with her wig off.

What is lillie's real name on Hannah Montana?

Lilly real name off Hannah Montana is Emily Osment

What is the guys name off of Hannah Montana the movie?

the guys name from the Hannah Montana movie is Lucas Till.

Is miley off of Hannah Montana?

No she is still on.

Do Hannah Montana like fish?

Hannah Montana LOVES fish. She lives off them and could eat them all day!

Is there scripts off Hannah Montana available to look at?


Why is Hannah Montana's show going off the air?

because they dont wear bikinis in it

Does Hannah Montana act like a show off?

Hannah Montana in her 'Hannah Montana' the show she looks like an show up she pretty much is a show up and rude and a nude n a lezbian

What is name of the name of new Hannah Montana movie coming out in theatres on April tenth?

I am assuming that this question is referring to an older movie that came out on April 10th, 2009. Hannah Montana: The Movie, starring Hannah Montana is a movie based off of the show Hannah Montana.

When did Hannah Montana become Hannah Montana?

When she was 13 she actually auditioned for the role off lily truscott but she made it to Hannah Montana and then her director thought that it would be nice if she actually changed her name to Hannah Montana but she didnt want to so she just made her have 2 names!

Where was Hannah Montana the movie shot?

the last time they had a movie Hannah was drunk and she had sex with strangers and even her dad. she was going on the streets taking her clothes off and squezzing her boobs