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Is Hannah Montana gone for good?

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Not yet. There's a new series coming out called Hannah Montana Forever. But after that, the show is done.

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Is the show Hannah Montana gone?

Yes Hannah Montana is gone

Has Hannah Montana gone to jail?

On Hannah Montana, in an episode she did, but in real life, no.

Is the tv show Hannah Montana going to be gone after the Hannah Montana movie?

no it isn't

Will Hannah Montana be gone?

no she is just starting a new season

Does Hannah Montana go to church?

Hannah Montana has been known to have gone to church when she was a child, but there is no confirmed evidence that she goes to church as of 2010.

Is it a good thing that Hannah Montana is over for good?

Hannah Montana should've been over a long time ago, and no one liked the show execct a select few in a certain age group who idolized her, but in all aspects its good that she's gone forever...

When is the Hannah Montana movie?

The Hannah Montana movie is coming out April 10th (good friday!)

Prediction when Hannah Montana will end?

Hannah Montana has gone through 3 seasons so far and is currently in the 4th (Hannah Montana Forever). This is her final season and she is dropping her singing career and staying an actress only.

How Miley became Hannah Montana?

When Miley was a child she auditioned for Hannah Montana. She was a good actress so she got in. So before the audition she was never Hannah Montana.

What shows do Hannah Montana act in?

Hannah Montana; That's so Suite Life of Hannah Montana; Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana; Hannah Montana: The Movie and Hannah Montana: The Concert that's it

When Hannah Montana 2 coming?

There probably won't be a Hannah Montana 2 as Miley has stopped playing Hannah for good. Hope that helped :)

When is Hannah Montana 3 coming out?

There probably won't be a Hannah Montana 3 as Miley has stopped playing Hannah for good. Hope that helped :)

Is Hannah Montana gone?

The show has been off the air for a long time.

Have Justin bevier and Hannah Montana gone out?

No. They havent. Its just Selena Gomez.

When will the show Hannah Montana end?

Miley Cyrus AKA Hannah Montana is quitting the show and will finish the 2010 season before leaving. also no reruns will be shown so once it's gone it's gone.

Does Hannah Montana have a good friend?

Hannah Montana > Lilly Miley Cyrus > Mandy Jiroux, Lesley Patterson

What is the last episode of Hannah Montana forever?

Hannah Montana forever least episode was kiss it good bye

Did Miley Cyrus stop Hannah Montana in the movie Hannah Montana?

She did not stop being Hannah Montana in the Hannah Montana movie

What was out first High School Musical or Hannah Montana?

It was Hannah Montana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like Hannah Montana the show !!!!

Which was the first album of Hannah Montana?

The first album made by Hannah Montana was called Hannah Montana. The Hannah Montana albums are Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana 2, Meet Miley Cyrus, Breakout, and Hannah Montana the Movie soundtrack. (the albums are in order from oldest to newest.)

How dues Hannah Montana like?

i love you Hannah Montanai love you Hannah Montana

Who plays Hannah Montana in Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is played by Miley Cyrus.

How can you be Hannah Montana?

You can't be Hannah Montana. There is already a Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus.

How many CD's does Hannah Montana have out?

7Hannah MontanaHannah Montana 2: Meet Miley CyrusHananh Montana: The MovieHannah Montana 3Hannah Montana ForeverHannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds ConcertHannah Montana 2: Non-Stop Dance PartyHannah Montana: Hits Remixed

Has Hannah Montana gone GOTH?

No. If she ever did that, she'd make goth look terrible.