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Is Hannah monntana really 18?

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No at the moment she is currently 16. -2009

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Are there Hannah monntana audision?


Is The Hannah Montana episode I'll always remember you the series finale?

yes Hannah monntana I'll always renember you is the last episode of Hannah monntana forever

How look like Hannah monntana?

there don't need to be like Hannah Montana

Worlds richest celebrity teens?

the Hannah monntana

What is Hannah monntana first song?

best of both worlds

Is Hannah monntana thinking about getting pregnant?

NO! shes just 16

How old is Hannah monntana?

Hannah Montana is a fictional character. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, is 17.

What are websites for 9 year old girls?

Hannah monntana and moshi monsters

Which state was Hannah Monntana born in?

because Hannah monntanna doesn't like hsm................... ??????????????? ge a real life man. lol

How many albems does miley and Hannah monntana have?

67 , and lots of people know she knows nat wolff .

How old was Miley Cyrus when she first auditioned for Hannah monntana?

She was 11 when she FIRST auditioned for Hannah Montana but they kept asking her to go home and come back

Is Hannah monntana cute?

Yeah Shes cute she is cuter than vanessa hudgens. vanessa hudgens is a ugly.

How did hannna Montana die?

Hannah monntana never died or else it would be on the news now i dont no were you got this and i dont no you

Is Hannah Montana really 18?

Nope she just turned 16!

How much would an autograph be from Hannah Montana?

Hannah monntana is a stupid wart hog i hate her shes a bum bark her friend Mandy whos not even famous charged little kids 20 dollars to get an autogragh

Is Miley Cyrus really best friends with lilly on Hannah monntana?

No she is not Mileys best friend is Mandy She's just frends with lilly on hanna monntana but actolie she's kind off frends with Emily osment well i think that they are cuz u can see that there friends and if you go on facebook some times she one and i asked her and she said ya there close friends but Mandy is her best friend so Emily/lilly is close friends with miley

Are you really Hannah Montana?

well test itat are you really Hannah

When will Hannah Montana never be shown again?

She said that she will quit Hannah Montana when she is 18 so when she turns 18 no more Hannah Montana D:.

When did miley audition for Hannah monntana?

Miley Cyrus actually auditioned for the role of Hannah Montana and ZOEY 101 at the age of 12. Miley was exited thinking shes the best but then when she tried so hard for zoey 101 she didn't make it and then tried a little less for Hannah Montana and made it because her dad helped and because she wasn't as up tight

How old is Hannah fletcher?

My name is Hannah Fletcher. And I'm 18

Is Miley Cyrus really Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is yes really Miley Cyrus because Hannah Montana wears a blond wig, and if you watch Hannah Montana the show on Disney Channel, you will see that Hannah Montana is really Miley Stewart and Miley Cyrus.

Why is Hannah Montana fat?

Hannah Montana isn't fat! Hannah Montana is really skinny.

How many songs has Hannah Montana have?

by Hannah Montana (not Miley Cyrus) she has 18

When did Hannah Frank die?

Hannah Frank died on 2008-12-18.

When was Hannah Pingree born?

Hannah Pingree was born on 1976-10-18.