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No Way! Miley is cooler too!

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Does Hannah Montana choose to be miley or Hannah?

i think she wants to me Hannah Montana because then she is more famous than when she is miley

When is Miley Cyrus going to quiet Hannah Montana?

no she will never unless if in 20 yrs she wants to but Hannah Montana will always stay more popular than miley with little kids

Is Miley Cyrus badder than Hannah Montana?

They Are The Same People. But I Like Miley Cyrus More Than Hannah Montana.

Does miley have more than 1 Hannah wig?

Yes, Of Course!

Who is more popular Rihanna or Miley Cyrus?

Rhianna is way more popular, because rihanna has more hits than miley.

Who is more popular Miley Cyrus or Brad Pitt?

Miley Cyrus is way more popular than Brad Pitt is

Does Miley Cyrus likes Hannah Montana more than Miley Cyrus?

She likes both of her lives equally!

Is WWE more popular than Hannah Montana?

According to google trends (what people search for on the internet at least), WWE is more popular than Hannah Montana.

Is miley more popular than Jonas brothers?

YES!!!cause she has a hit show-HAnnah Montana..and her two albums is a hit too.......She is the richest teen in 2008...the total money of Jonas is far to miley.....

Why is Hannah better than miley?

because Hannah is a pop star

Who is more popular Hannah Montana or Rihanna?

I think Hannah Montana is more popular... all wrong whoever wrote this definitely Rhianna I THINK THAT RIHANNA IS POPULAR MORE THAN HANNAH DUMBTANA! I AGREE #2 --- Nikki

Is Jonas brothers more popular than Miley Cyrus?


How much does Miley Cyrus earn from Hannah Montana?

Probably more than she does in her singing career.

How old is hana Montana?

Actress and singer Miley Cyrus played the popular character Hannah Montana when she was just 11 years old. Miley is now 21 years old and focuses more on singing than acting.

Does Selena Gomez sing better than Miley Cyrus Hannah Montanah?

Selena Gomez sings 0% better than Miley/Hannah Montana!

Is barbie products more popular than Hannah Montana?

no and yes

Is Green Day more popular than Miley Cyrus?

yup-Green Day is way more popular!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the best singer Hannah or Miley?

Well, they are the same person, after all, know...but I do think Hannah sings a little better than Miley. =]

How did lily react when she found out that miley was Hannah Montana?

at first lily was angry at Miley because she never told her she was Hannah Montana but than she forgives her.

Is Miley more rich than her dad?

Maybe now more than ever. Since she was on Hannah Montana and has a new album out right now and was on tour Miley. I haven't heard of her dad doing much anymore.

Who is a better singer Hannah Montana or Selena Gomez?

Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana has more experience than Selena so she probably has a better developed voice.

Is Hannah Montana more famous than Miley Cyrus?

I'd say that they are both AWESOME an d equally famous!

Who is more popular Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift actually sells more records than Miley Cyrus, but Miley has also starred in her own TV show and movies. I would say overall Miley is more popular. its definatly Taylor swift who is more popular. more people like her than miley for many reasons i cant name them all. on reason is Miley Cyrus is not a good rolemodel. she crys to get everything she wants plus she pole dances and she got a tattoo ander her breast and and and and and i will name one more....... she is a sslllluuutttt!!! Taylor is more of a "popular" musician, she sells more records. However, Miley Cyrus is much more famous than Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is like more smart and appropriate than Miley. Miley, she shows bad stuff on Google images. Taylor doesn't. everyone in my school hates miley. Plus, Taylor is way more famous, and she one of those award things. She is popular all over the world!

How do you talk to Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus?

why are u fan of hannah montana? ok than go to hannah montana@fans

Who is more famous big bird or Miley Cyrus?

considiring that sesame street was own tv before miley cyrus it is possible that he is more popular than her.

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