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The farther west the island, the older. Hawai'i island (the big island) being the youngest... unless you count the island being created underwater off the shore of Hawai'i island as the newest.

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No, Hawai'i is the youngest.

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No. The Big Island is the largest.

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Q: Is Hawaii the oldest island on the island chain?
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Is Hawaii an island chain?

Yes, Hawaii is an island. It is the largest of the 8 main Hawaiian islands, also known as the Big Island.

Is Hawaii an island or continent?

island chain

What is the oldest island in the Pacific Ocean?


Is Hawaii an archipelago or an island?

It is both : the "big island" is named Hawaii, and the entire chain is the state of Hawaii, or "the Hawaiian Islands".

What is the place of Hawaii?

Hawaii is an island chain located in the mid Pacific.

Is Hawaii a penisula?

No. Hawai'i is an island chain.

What US state is an island chain?

Hawaii is actually a chain of volcanoes!

Is a chain of island in the south pacific?

Hawaii is a chain of islands in the Pacific.

What is the largest island in the Hawaiian chain?

The Island of Hawaii or the Big Island as it is known.

Is Hawaii a beach?

No. Hawaii is one of the 50 U.S. states. It is composed of a chain of volcanic islands. Hawaii is also the name of the largest island in the chain.

Is Hawaii a group of island?

Yes, it is a chain of Isiands.

Which state is made up of a chain of island?