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Is Hector part of the metric system?

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Type your answer here... No. Bcz One Hectare (not 'Hector') =2.471 Acres.1 Acre=43560 Sq.ft area. Foot is a unit of British system and measurement of length, while in Metric length is measured in meter (or metre to give it its original & standard French name). This system is also called SI (System International) of measurement.


here are two main systems are implemented in world,they are:--

1- FPS system----- Foot Pound System (British system).

F=Foot, P=Pound, S=Second

2- CGS system-----SI (International system of measurement)

C=Centimeter , G=Gram, S=Second.

In addition; there was a unit called the HECTARE, an are was 100 square metres,so a hectare (hecto=100) was 10 000square metres. When the the metric system was rationalised in 1960 to produce the SI system the are and hectare were dropped in favour of square metres. A Rugby union pitch is roughly one hectare.

The SI system is the metre, kilogram, second.


The Hectare is still used, in the UK at least, for land measurement especially in agriculture.

The official system now is the SI (metre, kg, s and a few other basic units) and their derivatives.

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