Is Hindi in icse syllabus

Updated: 11/5/2022
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yes, definitely Hindi is there in icse syllabus.. its just that it is compulsory till class 10th. in 11th standard,Hindi can be choosen as an optional subject

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Q: Is Hindi in icse syllabus
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Is syllabus of class 5 easier in icse or CBSE?

ICSE is tougher than CBSE

Is year 2010 revised syllabus of icse is better than cbse syllabus?


Which syllabus is more hard ICSE or CBSE?

Both ICSE and CBSE syllabi have their own level of difficulty. ICSE is known for its detailed and comprehensive syllabus with a focus on English language and literature. CBSE, on the other hand, emphasizes application-based learning and has a slightly broader syllabus. Ultimately, the difficulty level depends on individual student's learning style and capability.

Is cylinders included for 2009 ICSE maths syllabus?

yes it is

Is the gift of the magi included in icse syllabus of English literature?

It depends on the specific year and curriculum for ICSE. "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry is a popular short story and it may be included in the ICSE syllabus for English literature in some years. It's best to check the latest curriculum or syllabus guidelines for accurate information.

What is the syllabus for all subjects in icse board?

You will find it on the site

What is the full form of EED in icse syllabus?

The full form of EED in ICSE syllabus stands for Environmental Education. It is a subject that aims to create awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable living practices among students.

What is ICSE syllabus?

ICSE stands for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. It is a curriculum followed by many schools in India, which prepares students for the ICSE board examinations at the 10th grade level. The syllabus covers a wide range of subjects including languages, sciences, mathematics, and social studies, with a focus on holistic education.

What is the syllabus of Sanskrit in ICSE board?

The ICSE board follows the NCERT curriculum for Sanskrit. The syllabus includes topics like prose, poetry, grammar, and comprehension exercises to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the language. Students are also expected to study ancient Sanskrit texts and literature as part of their coursework.

Is ace a face card in icse 10 mathematics syllabus?

No. Only the king, queen and jack are the face cards.

What is syllabus of MA 2nd sem Lucknow university?


New syllabus of Hindi MA?

its tight