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Is Hitler dead?

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Yes, Hitler committed suicide on April 30th 1945. Thank God!

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Is Adolf Hitler dead?

he dead

Why can't you kill Hitler?

Hitler is already dead.

Why is Hitler wanted?

Hitler is dead so he is not wanted anymore.

Are the Jewish free from Hitler?

They are now since Hitler is dead.

Where is adulf Hitler?


How was Hitler after the war?

he was dead

Did hitler raise the dead?


Are there photos of Hitler dead?


Where was Hitler dead?

in a toilet

Who was the first military to discover that Hitler was dead?

The soviet soldiers were the first to discover Hitler dead on may 4.

In 1968 Hitler annexed what nieghboring country?

Hitler was dead in 1968.

How many jews does it take to kill hitler?

Hitler is already dead.

How is Hitler nowadays?

Dead mate

Do they know where Hitler is at?

Hitler's dead.

How is the wife of Adolf Hitler?

She is dead.

What did Hitler do after his death?

Nothing, he was dead.

How do you meet Adolph Hitler?

Just in case you didn't know: Hitler is dead.

Did Hitler get Germany out of the Cold War?

No, the Cold War started when Hitler was dead.

Where is Hitler located today?

Hitler is dead, his ashes is in the Elbe river in Germany.

How does Hitler view the coming war?

Hitler is dead, thank you very much.

Why is Adolf Hitler wanted and what countries is he wanted for?

Nobody wants Hitler anymore as he is dead.

What does Adolph Hitler need?

Since Hitler is dead he does not really need anything anymore.

What happened to the Germans that worked for Hitler after the Holocaust?

no one worked for Hitler after the Holocaust, he was dead

Who did Hitler want dead?

The obvious people he wanted dead were Jews in Germany.

Did Hitler go crazy and believe in the dead?

He did go crazy but did not believe in the dead.