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Q: Is Hudson Bay salt water or fresh water?
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Is Hudson Bay fresh water or salt water?

Hudson bay is salt water.

Is a bay salt water or fresh?

hodson bay is salt water

Is James Bay in Canada salt water or fresh water?

James bay as well as Hudson's bay are both salty, but not quite as salty as The Atlantic or Pacific Oceans.

Is there much salt in the Red Deer river?

The Red Deer River is fresh water and is part of the larger Saskatchewan-Nelson system, which flows into Hudson Bay (where it becomes salt water).

Does the Chesapeake Bay have fresh water?

The Chesapeake Bay is salt water.

Is the water in the sf bay salt or fresh water?

It is salt water, because it is a continuation of the ocean water.

What body of water lays north ontario?

Hudson Bay

Is beach water fresh water?

Beach water at a lake is fresh water. Beach water at the ocean or a bay is salt water.

Is the water in the San Francisco Bay salt water or fresh water?

It's on the Pacific Ocean. The ocean is salt water.

A coastal inlet or bay where fresh water mixes with salt water?


Is cape code bay fresh or salt water?

Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts is a salt water bay that borders the Atlantic Ocean. On the east shore of this bay is the historic Plymouth Rock.

Is the Hudson Bay fresh water?

It is saltwater, but the salinity levels are lower than the oceans.

What is a coastal inlet or bay called where fresh water mixes with salt water?

an estuarie

Is Chesapeake bay salt water or fresh water?

The chesapeake bay is the only bay in the United States that is actually both. It is called brackish water. That means it's salt water and fresh water all mixed together.(All 100% true facts)

What is the body of water that joins Hudson Bay on the south?

The Hudson Strait joins the Hudson Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. There is no major body of water directly connected to the Hudson Bay to the south.

A large body of salt water named after an explorer?

The Bering Sea named for Vitus Bering, or Hudson Bay Named for Henry Hudson.

How Henry Hudson discovered Hudson Bay?

Henry Hudson discovered the Hudson Bay because Hudson found a body of water and he thought it was the Pacific Ocean. He realized after it wasn't. The body of water was a large bay, which eventually was named the Hudson Bay. GOOD LUCK

What is the body of water that joins the Hudson Bay on the south?

The body of water that joins Hudson Bay on the South is James Bay.

What body of water connects the Atlantic ocean to the Hudson Bay?

what body of water connects the atlantic ocean to the hudson bay

What is Hudson Bay out of?


Why is Chicago not on a bay?

Chicago, Illinois is not located on a bay because a bay is a body of water that extends into the land, while a lake is an INLAND body of fresh or salt water. So, Chicago is not on a bay it is locater on a lake.

Does the Canadian shield have any salt water bodies of water?

probably somewhere... oh but there is that huge freaking bay dead center of canada, called the Bay of Hudson

An example of estuary?

A great estuary you can reference is the Tampa Bay estuary.

Which Hudson was Hudson bay?

Hudson Bay (originally named Hudson's Bay) was named after explorer Henry Hudson. The Hudson's Bay Company took its name from the bay.

What is the difference between a bay and a sea?

A sea is a large body of salt water, sometimes a part of an ocean, which may be partially or completely enclosed by land. A bay is an indentation of the shoreline of a larger body of salt or fresh water.