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No. While it is a hereditary disease it is not at all a bleeding disorder, nor is it only passed by the mother.

It is a degenerative, neuropsychiatric disease that can be passed by either the mother or father. If the parent has it, the child's chance of inheritance is of the faulty gene is 50%.

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Q: Is Huntingtons disease a hereditary bleeding disorder passed from mother to child?
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Is huntingtons disease hereditary?


What is the medical term meaning hereditary bleeding disease in which there is a prolonged clotting time?

Hemophilia is the most well-known hereditary bleeding disorder. There are other hereditary bleeding disorders including von Willebrand's disease, Christmas disease, thrombocytopenia and others.

What category of genetic disorder is huntingtons disease?

Autosomal Dominant

Is huntingtons disease a central nervous system disorder?

Yes, Huntington's disease is a central nervous system disorder.

Is an example of a genetic disorder that is carried by a dominant gene?

huntingtons disease

Why can a person be tested for the allele that causes Huntingtons disease?

Because Huntington's is a genetic disorder and it is known what sequence in what region causes the disorder.

Is Huntingtons Disease disorder caused by a mutation?

Huntington's disorder is caused by a faulty gene so yes, it can be considered a mutation(in the gene)

What is a hereditary disorder that is caused by degenerative changes in the cerebrum?

Huntington's Disease

What is a hereditary disorder caused by degenerative changes in the cerebrum?

Huntington disease

Is general anxiety disorder a hereditary disease?

No, general anxiety disorder is not hereditary. But, there are many personal factors that may contribute to whether a person develops this disorder. whathappensifisuddenly stop takingzanaz h

What is an Armenian disease?

An Armenian disease is an alternative name for familial Mediterranean fever, a hereditary inflammatory disorder.

Is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy a hereditary disease?

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy typically is a hereditary disease that can be inherited. The disorder has a variable presentation and carries a high incidence of sudden death.

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