Is Idaho a strict place?

Oh yes. Very, very strict.

  • Idaho is so strict that everyone is required to go to school.
  • Can't vote until they are 18.
  • Can't get a drivers license until they are 15 unless they have graduated from an approved drivers education program, otherwise 17.
  • Can't get married until they are 16 (with parental consent), 18 without.
  • Can't consume alcohol until they are 21.
  • Can't buy and smoke tobacco products until they are 18.
  • Why Idaho is so strict it takes less police officers to keep Idahoans in line than the national average (44th).
  • Idaho is so strict it has a low High School drop out rate of 2.0% (47th in nation).
  • Idaho is so strict it has a low crime rate of 1.7% (44th in nation).